Comic Vine Review


All-Star Western #8 - The August 7; Dark as the Dungeon


Arkham and Hex continue their adventure in New Orleans, but will they make it out alive together?

The Good

This issue is full of action, comedy and deception, and it's nothing short of a page turner. The issue opens with Arkham who is without Jonah Hex for an evening but has very quickly found a way to entertain himself. Meanwhile, as Arkham engages in some rather ___ extracurricular activities; Jonah Hex engages in a fight against Z.C. I personally really enjoyed these next panels with very little dialogue. Palmiotti and Gray really let Moritat flex his creative muscles; allowing him to have full reign of the fight sequence. There are several panels where there is no dialogue as the two battle one another. Yet this fight quickly turns into a game of seduction -- at least for Z.C. -- and Hex doesn't seem like he's complaining. The issue really takes a turn and by the end the reader will find Hex in a very sticky situation.

This issue is action packed and Moritat continues to serve us some seriously gorgeous art. His style is fluid and completely complimentary to Hex's character and the story being told in this issue.

I've really been enjoying the back-up features we've seen in the All-Star Western title, and this issue really focuses on Nighthawk and Cinnamon. Aside from the fact that the story is a lot of fun, I really liked that the creative team is adding some perspective to these two characters. We get Cinnamon's back story at the very start of the story, which is great and learning about her character really makes you appreciate her in the Jonah Hex story.

The Bad

I had to go back a few times to really get a grip of what was going on in this issue. There were parts where the book felt slightly disorganized and as a result this made it difficult to follow the story -- particularly toward the end. Having said that, though, this is still a really great book and I did enjoy it.

The Verdict

Like I said, although it was a bit confusing at times; the story is really good overall and I have really been enjoying this series. Although I do feel as if this issue could have been better organized, I like that we are getting a chance to see Jonah Hex interact with a variety of different characters, and we are exploring many untouched regions of the DCU. I am still very interested in seeing what the relationship between Hex and the upcoming Court of Owls story arc will be, because that wasn't something that was brought up in this issue. Good issue, not a great jumping on point. I recommend getting issue #7 if you are just jumping into ALL-STAR WESTERN.