Comic Vine Review


All-Star Western #7 - The Arena; Nighthawk & Cinnamon!


Hex and Arkham run into some of Hex's old acquaintances on their latest trip to New Orleans.

The Good

I've always been a big fan of Jonah Hex and I was really enjoying the first few issues of ALL-STAR WESTERN set in old Gotham City, yet it's nice to see the story change scenery. At the end of issue #6 we saw Hex embark on a trip away from Gotham and into new territory. Issue #7 opens with Jonah Hex in New Orleans with Arkham in tow and we are introduced to some brand new characters, Cinnamon and Nighthawk. This idea of the unlikely Hex/Arkham duo teaming up and traveling the old west together is very cool, and it's exciting to meet new characters and heroes throughout the old west. I like that Gray and Palmiotti are expanding the history of the DC Universe and developing characters who existed during Hex's time. If there are DC heroes in every city and state across the country, then surely heroes existed in the past, too. It's a very fun concept.

A whole lot of stuff happens in this issue! Hex is up against some major challenges and comes to the brink of death, but is saved by a special amulet given to him by Cinnamon. While Nighthawk and Cinnamon head out on the town to find out who is behind the destruction of several mills in the area, Jonah Hex has to duke it out in the gladiator ring.

Moritat knocks it out of the part once again with his phenomenal artwork that captures the tone and era of Jonah Hex perfectly. Beautiful stuff.

The Bad

Nothing bad here!

The Verdict

I really love that Gray and Palmiotti are exploring different areas of the old DC Universe and introducing readers to new characters that would have interacted with Jonah Hex. This is a solid jumping on point for new readers because it's the start of a new story-arc. We are introduced to new and interesting characters, and the dynamic between Hex and Arkham remains consistent throughout. Moritat lends his talents to the seventh issue making this a perfect book. Lot's of fun, adventure and excitement here; I definitely recommend this issue.