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All-Star Western #3 - No News is Good; El Diablo, Part 2


Jonah Hex is having a little bit of trouble adjusting to the bustle and hustle of old Gotham City, but he still manages to get the job done in the series' third issue.

The Good

If I had to choose one word to describe Jonah Hex's character, it would probably have to be competent. Even though it's clear he's struggling a tiny bit with the way things work in Gotham, he's still taking care of business. For example, there's a great scene where Hex decides to trade a horse in for some basic supplies. In the old west that Hex is accustomed to, he would be able to go in and trade the horse for food, ammunition and what have you. However, you learn pretty quick that the whole barter system has pretty much gone out the window, and that the only way he will get his supplies is by following Gotham's monetary system. I think it's great that Palmiotti and Gray throw in this small detail, essentially highlighting the fact that things are definitely changing, and that the era of the cowboy/bounty hunter is evolving and essentially, coming to an end.

Beneath the primary plot (Jonah Hex versus a secret criminal organization) is the question of how Hex will be able to evolve in a changing world. Does he hold onto his roots, or accept evolution? How does Hex do his job and still adjust to the changing landscape? It's definitely interesting and it's something we didn't see a whole lot of in the previous Jonah Hex run by Gray and Palmiotti. Moritat's art again is really gorgeous and compliments this issue perfectly. Yet another Jonah Hex story that I can't get enough of.

The second part of this issue, also written by Gray and Palmiotti continues to reveal the story of El Diablo. Its impressive to me to see the creative team manage to tell a complete, riveting and exciting story in so few pages -- but they manage to do it perfectly. Jordi Bernet's art is gorgeous, simple and vibrant and compliments the writing well. We get a closer look at El Diablo, his abilities and who he is in a very entertaining story.

The Bad

The beginning of Jonah Hex was a bit slow, but the pace picked up quickly.

The Verdict

Overall, another solid issue of Jonah Hex. It's great when you get a comic that has a second story in the back, and it is equally as fun and entertaining as the main story. The art is fantastic. The story is solid and a lot of fun. I have definitely been enjoying this series. This issue is a really good introductory issue to the main story as well as to Jonah Hex's character, so if you haven't picked up any of these books yet, you can probably start with this issue to gauge whether or not it's a book you want to put on your pull list.