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All-Star Batman #5 - My Own Worst Enemy Finale


Batman is determined to bring Two-Face to justice, but the odds are stacked against him.

It's not often we see Batman out of his element. Scott Snyder and John Romita Jr. have put Batman on the ultimate road trip with Two-Face. Determined to complete his mission in taking Harvey Dent out of Gotham, Batman's rogues and countless civilians are gunning for Batman in order to claim the reward Two-Face is offering. We may be used to expecting the unexpected with Synder, but who would've thought we'd see Batman, Two-Face, and Duke Thomas trying to escape a crazed mob on a steamboat, headed towards a waterfall?

Romita excels when it comes to bombastic action scenes. With Danny Miki's inks and Dean White's colors, the different locations each have a separate feel. You get a sense of time passing throughout the day as Batman gets closer to his final destination.

As for what is waiting for Batman and Harvey, Snyder puts Batman in an interesting position. We get some answers and set up for future storylines. We get some satisfying closure on Harvey's situation. At the same time, you'll be looking forward to his next appearance without feeling like you're left hanging. Other developments were set up with Alfred's decision and actions. Despite seeing the relationship between he and Bruce established firmly over the years, Snyder manages to add another layer to it. You also have to applaud the situation with with the GCPD at Wayne Manor.

Looking back at this arc, Snyder and Romita have delivered an over-the-top and action-filled adventure. This isn't your typical Batman story, and that's a good thing. Snyder set up a lot, and Romita cut loose with each scene. I actually found myself going back and looking at each page, panel by panel. People have different opinions on Romita's art, but I find it fascinating looking over the different areas of detail contain within each panel. With the arc over, Snyder even ends things with a little levity. This is something we don't often see in a Batman comic. It's nice to see Snyder continues to mix up his approach to the character and keeps giving us something different than the previous Batman series he wrote for five years.


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Posted By johnnyyy24

love snyders writing but this was pretty bad for me. what was the point of this arc? nothing happens. two face doesn't get healed, we don't get dukes hero name, and the gcpd found nothing. the only thing i got from it was that jim may know that bruce is batman. hopefully the next arc is better

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Edited By nickschuff

I appreciated what Snyder was doing with this arc and can clearly see he had a fun time writing this story, but I personally just couldn't get behind it. Some of the characterization felt off and some of Romita Jr's panels were wonky to say the least. I was just disappointed with this arc in general and hope that a change of artists and scenery can give this series a good boost.

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Posted By NightFang3

This comic was a fun ride and that's all I was looking for.

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Posted By Carnivius

I've really enjoyed this run. :)

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Edited By BdaySuitSamus

@johnnyyy24: were you reading it or looking at the pictures? batman went through all that struggle because he still believes in upholding justice. He wanted to rehabilitate his friend and not let two face take over. This ended with the idea that bruce has hope that people can change. Bruce hit the GCPD with the flim-flam and protected his identity while Gordon still highly suspects that bruce Wayne is batman. A lot of stuff happened are you kidding? stick to anime.

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Posted By Wowlock

Soo Batman decided to keep Two-face...Two-face permanently ? Well that will be understandable to his future victims, right ? >_>

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Posted By ILostTheKey

@wowlock: Does that mean that Harvey can no longer be admitted to Arkham since there's no chance for him being reformed/re-adjusted?

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Posted By Wowlock

@wowlock: Does that mean that Harvey can no longer be admitted to Arkham since there's no chance for him being reformed/re-adjusted?

I honestly don't know. At this point, putting him out of his misery is a mercy.

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Edited By NightFang3

@wowlock: It was either that a help Two-Face comment murder/suicide. Really it just means Harvey and Two-Face will kept fighting for control.

@ilostthekey: Let's be honest with ourselves, readers don't care about the victims unless they become villains themselves.

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Edited By Ceramicdragon

They ended new 52 for this garbage? And at $4.99 an issue?

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Posted By mickeymayhew

didn't enjoy this arc so much; Romita's art just doesn't work on Batman, for me - bring on Mr Freeze and a fresh artist!!

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Posted By Reignmaker

LOL at fans that call it a waste of an arc if it doesn't change the status quo. These are the same people who complain when someone goes too far and does something that's "not my Batman."

It was an entertaining read with some cool highlights. Nothing less, nothing more. Major kudos for KGBeast's glorious return also.

Confession: I prefer JR to Jock. :3

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Posted By Emmanuelalake

All star batman is gonna be cool