Comic Vine Review


All-New X-Men #9


The X-Men from the past continue to adjust to the present under Kitty Pryde's command but Mystique and Sabretooth on the cover spell bad news.

The Good

This comic continues to be a joy with each and every issue. Seeing the younger versions of the original X-Men training with Kitty Pryde is wonderful. It's an eye opener seeing just how much has changed in the X-Men universe since they first put on costumes. In many ways it's as if we're seeing them at this stage for the first time. They're already undergoing changes by being exposed to their new surroundings. It's difficult not to think about how this overall story with the young X-Men has to end but it's been a blast seeing the developments unfold.

It's not just about the team adjusting to the new time period. There also appears to be possible major changes happening the longer they stay in the present. If that wasn't bad enough, we also have Mystique and Sabretooth unleashing their latest plan. Because it's happening in this title, we can only assume it's going to be bad news for all the characters here.

ALL-NEW X-MEN is more than a simply X-Men time travel story. It's also a way to reflect on the past events that have shaped this corner of the Marvel universe. Seeing outside events creep into this title is fascinating. And of course we get an ending touched on in another issue that will make fans of continuity jump for joy. What will happen next is going to be nuts.

Stuart Immonen makes his return and it's as if he was never gone. We've seen so many great artists on X-Men titles in the past and it would be weird to think of someone else handling the art. David Marquez did do a great job but this feels like it's Brian Bendis and Stuart Immonen's book.

The Bad

The solicit mentions the team getting new costumes. I didn't see any. I assume with the twice-a-month shipping the solicits can easily change. It's a minor concern as I sort of like them in their classic costumes.

There does seem to be a need for a firm sit down to determine who exactly is leading the team. I imagine this is something we'll see explored more in future issues.

The Verdict

I can't get enough of ALL-NEW X-MEN. Stuart Immonent returns and we get to see the team in action under Kitty Pryde's guidance. Seeing the X-Men from the past try to adjust to today is a gives an interesting perspective on just how much the X-Men comics have changed. We're still seeing the young X-Men adjust to the present but there are huge seeds being planted that will kick the series into high gear. With Mystique and Sabretooth hatching a new scheme and the incident that happens at the end, next issue will give those clamoring for more action something to chew on.