Comic Vine Review


All-New X-Men #5


Can a young Hank McCoy save the older version of himself?

The Good

I thought it was very interesting that inside Beast's mind, he pictures himself as the 2nd mutation version of himself and not the more human looking version of himself.

One of my earlier problems in this series was that with one issue, and at some other smaller times, the focus was too heavy on Cyclops and his new team. Here, it works extremely well, as we just get one scene with Cyke and a new mutant. If anything, these scenes are really just getting me excited for the upcoming UNCANNY X-MEN series.

I really loved the turning point of this issue as Jean Grey looks into Beast's mind and sees her entire future. This leads to the original team staying in the future in order to fix the world. Said two-pages look fantastic showing so many different moments from Jean's future in a beautifully laid out splash taking up two pages. I love the circular layout and seeing Jean in the bottom right hand corner on her knees, showing that there's so much tragedy in her life. Not only is a great turning point, but it's wonderful to look at. Stuart Immonen is not only fantastic on the whole issue, but he does a terrific job on these two specific pages.

I actually really like how Beast's next mutation turned out. I wasn't a big fan of cat-face Beast, I think this one, from the few panels we saw him in, looks pretty darn good.

I can't help but wonder how Angel will react when he meets the older version, and a but crazier version, of himself. Young Angel asks what happened to him in the future, and I cannot wait to see the meeting between the two, and the sooner the better. Angel has had a pretty crazy past, filled with emotional turmoil and physical torture. How will young Warren deal with that?

The Bad

The first couple of pages are a tad tough to follow because of the layout. I ended up reading things out of order because of this. It also took a moment to realize they were inside older Hank's brain.

The Verdict - Pick of the week!

Man, this series has been nothing but awesome since issue one. I love the fact that there are two clear sides to the mutant world, and it's almost like the Brotherhood of Mutants has returned, but with Cyclops as their leader. Now that this first arc is over, I cannot wait to see how this story progresses. Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen make a perfect team for this series.

On the downside, the panels were a bit hard to follow in the opening of the issue, but other than that, there are no real problems with this issue.

Overall, this is my pick of the week and a must buy!