Comic Vine Review


All-New X-Men #4


What happens when the original X-Men confront Cyclops and Magneto? And what about when present day Cyclops sees Jean. Uh oh.

The Good

This issue is everything that I've been wanting to see since it was first announced. I may have said that before but this is where we see the younger Cyclops from the past confront the present day version. Even though we've seen some of the reactions from the original team with the present day events, there's still so many things for them to experience. Seeing Cyclops working side by side with Magneto is something to see. Of course there's also Cyclops reaction to seeing Jean Grey. What will Emma think?

We have seen time travel stories before. We have seen older and younger versions of the characters we know. Bendis isn't just going for the obvious and easy reactions by bringing versions from different eras together. With the events that have happened, not just in the recent AVENGERS VS. X-MEN series, there's a lot for both the older and younger Cyclops to deal with.

The same goes Jean Grey. Not only does she have to deal with finding out what her future holds, she also has to figure out how to use a mutant ability she was unfamiliar with before. The rest of today's X-Men will also have something to add. Bendis is showing that not everyone will react the same exact way, whether it's Kitty, Wolverine or Storm.

Stuart Immonen's art continues to impress here. There is a scene where the older Cyclops has to take in everything that he's seeing. This means we delve a little into his mind to see what thoughts are running around there. You have to understand that for someone like Cyclops, this isn't going to be a simple, "Oh hey, it's us X-Men from when we were kids." He's gone through a lot and has knowingly changed the way he's doing things for what he believes is better in the long run. As we see or hear his reaction to it all, Immonen uses some clever layouts that makes a scene of a guy just standing there thinking look really cool.

Throughout all of the reactions, there is also the ongoing story. It's not just about the original younger X-Men dealing with the present and everyone's reaction to them. There is still the new mutants popping up and Cyclops' plan to guide them along. And we can't forget about what possible fate present day Beast may see.

The Bad

The confrontation scene was well played out but you are left wanting to see more. That's good in a way. It's hard to tell what role Emma will play here as she and Cyclops are at odds with each other. Despite a lot happening here, there is almost an abrupt change of direction in the events of the story.

The Verdict

There's basically two main storylines going on in this series. The series shines when the focus is placed on the younger original X-Men in the present. Seeing their reactions to today's events along with everyone's reaction to them being in the present is what makes the series exciting. Despite all the time travel and alternate versions the X-Men have seen over the years, this is playing out in a different fashion. There are more reactions to see along with the psychological effects of seeing past or future versions for the characters. We have no idea how long this trip for the younger X-Men can last but trying to imagine what they will do or see in the present and what influence they might have on the X-Universe is what makes me pay the price of admission. Bendis and Immonen are on a roll. Having the series come out twice a month may have been a little hard on the wallet but it's great because having to wait a full month for the next issue would be unbearable. This may not be the X-Men we're used to reading but Bendis is mapping out an incredible ride that is taking the X-Men in a new direction.