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All-New X-Men #24 - The Trial of Jean Grey Part 5 of 6 Review


Jean is still on trial and Gladiator is off his rocker. Cyclops and the Guardians head out to save her.

The Good

The whole idea for this story is utterly ridiculous, but because of how Gladiator is acting in this story and particularly within this issue, it really works. I find myself loving how Brian Michael Bendis is writing this character. Gladiator is crazy, in the best way possible. He's incredibly pompous and arrogant, and his "my way or the highway" attitude is something I find incredibly appealing about this book.

The dialogue, throughout the issue, really shines and there's little moments that really grab the reader in, like when Scott is talking to his father. While we've seen Cyclops and Corsair together before, we've never seen the younger Cyclops with his father, in this manner, so it actually brings a new dynamic to this book and to the team.

Jean's journey is the most intriguing one here though. She may not say much, but she still struggles and it all shows through the art of Stuart Immonen.There is a beautiful, two-page layout, which really puts the reader inside the mind of Jean and what she's going through, while adjusting to this very new, very alien world. The layout is odd, but in a good way, and the overall art is fantastic. Immonen delivers some top-notch art here that is incredibly consistent throughout the issue. Along with that is the inking of Marte Gracia, who always does some great work.

The Bad

The problem with this issue and story as a whole is that it feels like something is missing. Something feels wrong here, and at this time, I can't tell if it was planned this way or Bendis just forgot something. Yes, that's incredibly vague.

The Verdict

The Trial of Jean Grey is a really bizarre story that somehow really works. We're coming to a close here, but the story continues to be a ton of fun. This issue in particular has some really amazing moments thanks to Bendis and Immonen just giving the reader a great story. Above everything else, Gladiator is the star of the show, but only because he comes off extremely irrational. This was a story line I thought I would hate but ended up loving. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.