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All-New Ghost Rider #3 - Engines of Vengeance, Part 3 Review


School. death, and a spirit of vengeance living inside of him. How will Robbie Reyes handle all of this?

The Good

The best part about this issue is the sense of justice the reader gets after being beaten down with some of these scummy characters over the past couple of issues. We've seen Robbie Reyes deal with some of the worst of the worst humanity has to offer. These people have walked all over Robbie and his brother and hurt those around him. In this issue, readers will be applauding the moments where writer Felipe Smith lets us see all those bad guys get what's coming to them and it's not just from Robbie.

The action sequences are a complete blast, especially when Ghost Rider comes into play. It is pure eye candy to watch the Rider rip the men from the car, before dealing with them in the best way possible. These are scenes you'll want to read over and over again.

While the story is enjoyable and a bit of fun, it's the art of Tradd Moore and the colors of Val Staples that keeps many people coming back to this book for seconds and thirds. Moore's art is such a different style than most are accustomed to and Staples' colors are so bright and in your face which is the perfect match for this writing to keep the book balanced out.

The Bad

It's hard to pinpoint the overall goal of this book. Where is it going? What's the point? While issue to issue is a fun and fantastic read, the reader will be craving a bit more than what is offered.

The dialogue between Robbie and the Ghost Rider spirit AKA Eli (huh?) is a bit weird. It feels off. It's different from other Ghost Rider incarnations and may be a tad tough for Rider fans to swallow. Eli is a bit goofy and playful in his dialogue which again, feels off. We can't necessarily say it's out of character though because Eli is not the spirit of vengeance fans know.

The Verdict

ALL NEW GHOST RIDER is still pretty new, but it really doesn't disappoint. While there is a question to where this book is headed, the writing and art are fantastic. There's a great sense of justice for Robbie Reyes here as the Rider gets his revenge on those than wronged Reyes. Tradd Moore's art truly continues to be the star of this show, and if you have room on your pull list, this is a book you need to add to it.