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All-New Ghost Rider #1 - Engines of Vengeance, Part 1


They weren't kidding when they decided to call this "All-New." This isn't the Ghost Rider you knew before.

The Good

When I first heard about a new Ghost Rider, one in a car, I had some reservations. My first real exposure to Ghost Rider was with Dan Ketch. Through him, I got to know Johnny Blaze as well. Alejandra's tenure as a Ghost Rider seemed too short-lived. Now it's time to meet Robbie Reyes.

I am definitely intrigued here.

Robbie lives in East L.A. That right there separates this from the core of the Marvel Universe. It immediately gives us a fresh feeling on the concept of the character without centering around New York City, where almost every other superhero lives. This gives us a chance to see a different type civilian persona in the comic. There's often a demand for diversity in comics and this just feels right, without seeming forced.

Robbie's life isn't so great. He's in a tough situation. That makes it immediately easy to want to root for him. As tough of a place he's in, he wants to do the right thing, by whatever means he has to. Felipe Smith does a great job in setting up this new corner of the Marvel Universe.

Tradd Moore's art really stands out here. Again, this doesn't feel like a typical Marvel comic. There's a raw energy that permeates the pages. The more I see of it here, the more I dig it. It's going to be a trip seeing this Ghost Rider in action.

The Bad

As fitting as the art feels here, it does take a little getting used to. The art is very stylized but sometimes the characters appear a little stretched. The locations are really cool but a couple felt a little sparse or too clean for a city street or garage. I'll have to get used to Ghost Rider's new look. He reminds me of a Cenobite from the Hellraiser movies and comics.

We get to see the arrival of the new Ghost Rider but it's a matter of waiting for the next issue for answers as to why and how. We can't have all the answers at once.

The Verdict

I wasn't sure if we needed another new Ghost Rider but after reading this issue, I'm sold. Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore give us exactly that, a NEW Ghost Rider. This isn't a Ghost Rider we've seen before. We get a new character from a different part of the Marvel Universe and it's all really cool to see. I've seen some have concerns over the art but the more you see, the more you'll agree it's fitting for this comic. There is a nice indie feel to this comic that, again, makes it feel different and fresh compared to past Ghost Rider stories. I like where this comic is going. I like it a lot.