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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #306 - Among Us Hide...


Big surprises as we find out more about Lash and what the ACTU is up to. Plus Bobbi and May kick a lot of butt.

Note: there will be spoilers below!


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Andrew is brought into S.H.I.E.L.D.’s headquarters. May is told he’s alive. He’s able to tell May and Coulson about seeing a transfer student (Werner Von Strucker) in a convenience store. Despite the student having a couple guys with him, Andrew had a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent tailing him. He says he barely made it to the door and the blast must have thrown him away. When Hunter wants to check on Andrew, May stops him in the hall. She’s starts on him but Coulson comes in. He tells Hunter he had his shot at Ward and missed so he’s off the case. May asks to be put on Ward instead. Coulson asks if she’s “back” and she says yes.

Ward is setting up a new spot. Talking to Kebo, he’s not happy about Von Strucker being loose. He’s either captured, dead or running. He knows too much.

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Daisy talks to Coulson about her theory on Lash. She thinks he’s in on the ATCU. He has too much information and they know he can transform. Coulson tells her to keep on it as he's supposed to tour their facility with Rosalind.

May attacks Bobbi, saying Hunter’s actions were for her. The two start fighting and May pushes further and further. It was a test to see if Bobbi could fight her own battles. May wants her to go with her in the field. Hunter tries talking to Bobbi as they’re about to leave. May makes it clear he’s not going. He tells Bobbi he wants to go. May tells Bobbi about the Strucker kid. They’ve traced his accounts and can tracked him.

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The Werner meets with a friend of his dad’s, Gideon Malick. He’s scared and says Ward is a monster. When Werner asks if he’ll help him, he says he’ll handle everything.

As Coulson is about to be taken to the facility, Rosalind gets a call and tries canceling the visit. Coulson insists and it turns out her place was broken into.

Hunter is bored, trying to find something to do. He bother's Fitz and then later volunteers himself to join Daisy and Mack. They figure it's Agent Banks since he would know where the truck that was attacked would be going. They follow him until he pulls over to take a call. As they figure out what to do, Hunter leaves the van, knocks him out, and brings him into the van. He figures they can test his blood for the DNA markers that show Inhuman signs. They send a sample of his blood to Simmons. It turns out to be negative.

At the Grand Cayman Island, May and Bobbi arrive at the bank where Strucker accessed his safety deposit box. Accessing his box, they set off an alarm. May is ready to fight but Bobbi manages to stall for a bit.

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Ward gets a phone call from Gideon. He tells Ward he doesn’t know his name but figures he’s been trying to get his attention. He offers Ward redemption, which Ward refuses. When he mentions Strucker being a pawn and he shouldn’t have been used, Ward points out he doesn’t even know what his plan is. Gideo offers Ward Strucker in return that Ward remembers he chose a side when he comes calling. Sometimes a pawn is sacrificed to save the game.

Daisy, Mack, and Hunter go to an address on Banks' phone. It's a lab and they use a drone that Daisy took from Fitz to view inside. A truck comes with a crate that contains an Inhuman in some sort of stasis gel. Daisy sees Coulson with Rosalind, watching. She’s concerned that Coulson isn’t freaking out. The Inhumans are placed in a stasis gel. She says she didn’t want to tell Coulson because of the way it looked. She says they’re just placing them like this until they can find a way to help them, like a medically induced coma. Coulson figures out that Rosalind lost someone. That’s why there was an expensive signed baseball bat. She finally confesses he died from cancer. She would’ve loved to have been able to place him in a coma until a cure could be found.

Kebo found Strucker and is torturing him. May and Bobbi bust in. Kebo stabs Von Strucker and takes off. Bobbi chases after him as May works on the guys inside. Bobbi takes out two guys and then faces off against Kebo. They end up in the pool and he tries holding her underwater to drown her. She’s finally able to grab one of her batons and gets free. She then zaps the water with Kebo in the pool. May tries getting information from Strucker. He tells her he tried to do what Ward wanted, they tried killing him. “I didn’t know he could change into that thing.” We see how things really went down in the store. As the men and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent shoot each other, we see Andrew change into Lash! Lash knocks Strucker away and kills the other men. Changing back to Andrew, he grabs the lighter and sets off the gas. May can’t believe what he’s saying. Strucker asks her, “What is he?” She says she doesn’t know.

End: Daisy is talking to Lincoln on the phone. As she gets off the phone, Andrew sees her and asks if she was talking to Lincoln. He says he’ll reach out soon. He asks if there was any information on Lash. He also tries finding out if she knows where he’s at, saying how dangerous it is for him. She said there’s nothing but she’ll let him know if he finds out anything. Andrew turns with an evil look on his face.

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It's another really good episode. It's nice to see the show delivering several different revelations and pushing the plot further rather than drawing things out. Coulson finally gets to see the facility, Ward is making more moves with HYDRA, Bobbi is back in action, and of course there's the big revelation with Lash and Andrew.

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As far as the revelation, it's a theory that I saw floating around a few weeks ago and it did make sense. As much as I believed it, part of me didn't think they'd actually go that route. That could explain why Andrew broke things off with May. He's on a mission and needs a way to go out and kill any Inhumans he can find.

It was surprising to see the end of Werner Von Strucker so soon. He may have served his purpose in drawing out Gideon. It's a shame to see another Von Strucker bit the dust. Seems they could've done more with him. It's also too bad Ward said he didn't need redemption.

It was great seeing Bobbi back in action. Her reluctance to fight seemed a little odd. She'd been training and pushing herself through her rehabilitation to be ready for the field. Maybe it was a different story once she was actually out there. It's great to see she's not just a robot like May sometimes is written.

With so much going on in the show, it's a huge difference compared to last week's which just focused on Simmons. It also made it feel like some areas went by too quickly or were glossed over. Coulson and Rosalind at the facility felt a little off. Unless Coulson is playing a bigger game and hiding his true feelings, we was too accepting of what the ACTU is doing with the Inhumans.

The season is still going strong. There's a lot going on and the show is delivering the goods. The downside is there almost feels like too much is going on with not enough time being spent on each development. We're seeing some crazy things happen and it's cool to see the show take some risks with the twists and revelations they're throwing at us. They're clearly not slowing things down to draw out the season. It makes you wonder what else they have planned for the rest of the season.

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