Comic Vine Review


Age of Ultron #7 - Book Seven


Last issue Wolverine made a decision to try to fix things on his own. This is where we find out the repercussions.

The Good

Wolverine has straddled the line between being a hero and a killer. Lately he's been determined not to kill if possible. But rather than tip toe around things, Brian Michael Bendis is showing us just how desperate things have become. We're talking about the near full destruction of everyone on Earth. Wolverine knew the others wouldn't approve of his plan and now is the time to see what happens next.

With a series already pulling out all the stops, it's nice to see the unexpected happen. In comics, we know there are some things that can and cannot happen. That isn't the case here. It's almost as if we're reading a giant WHAT IF…? story.

With Wolverine's actions, we get to see some variety with the characters. The idea of time travel is often used in different ways but we don't always see the effects of it. The series is now headed in another direction and there's no telling how it can end, especially since we're all assuming everything will be put back to normal.

The Invisible Woman is an often underused and under-appreciated character. I have to applaud Bendis on having him include her to tag along with Wolverine. It's great to see a non-typical Marvel character get some time in the spotlight next to Wolverine.

The Bad

This is like the third or fourth direction the series has taken in seven issues. It may add to the feeling of suspense in not knowing what's going on but there's a chaotic feeling taking over. Seeing other versions of familiar characters is always fun but, as I mentioned, it does give it a WHAT IF…? feel. And with that, there's the feeling that the story won't stick.

Wolverine's plan is a mess. He's not a rocket scientist but he should know that messing about in time isn't always the best solution. As an X-Man, he should know this first hand. Yes, he is desperate over everything that has happened and may figure whatever the results are will be better than nothing but it's just an extreme departure from the Wolverine that's been trying not to kill lately.

The Verdict

There's only a few more issue and there's no telling what will happen next. This series has been taking turns left and right. This gives the story a feeling of anything goes but it's also making it feel like it's just all over the place. Some of the actions feel too out of character but you have to try to remember that this is a desperate time for the survivors of the attack against the Marvel Universe. Despite the ups and downs of this series, there is a deep feeling of wanting to know and see how everything will be wrapped up. Bendis is showing that he's not afraid to shake up the foundation of the Marvel Universe. Soon we will see the results.