Comic Vine Review


Age of Ultron #6 - Book Six


The heroes have split up to take on two different missions. This issue takes the series in a different direction.

The Good

We are now seeing some action and direction in the series. As we are now in the sixth issue, we're seeing the heroes make their move to try to save the day. Of course it won't be easy with so much damage already done. This causes the story to go in two separate directions as the decision has been made to try to take two different approaches to try to defeat Ultron.

With so much at stake, you do get a sense of the desperation the heroes are faced with. This opens it up to a different sort of story. In the average Marvel comic, there are limitations as to what the heroes can and cannot do. Here, it's all up for grabs. That gives the story the sense of the unknown and keeps readers on their toes.

We knew a change of artists was coming and because of how the story plays out, it's an acceptable change. There is always the question of how stories will read when collected when they feature different art styles. The use of different artists here may accomodate the schedule of the series' release and also serves to distinguish between the different angles of the story.

The Bad

With time travel involved, things can always get messy. It used to be in the Marvel Universe you could not travel back in time and change the present. This is something mentioned several times in FANTASTIC FOUR over the years and something that you would think Sue Richards or the others would know.

The mission the main group takes just feels rushed. With the method (mentioned above) used, you would think they could afford a little more time to prepare. Thinking it all out could apply to both factions actually. Wolverine didn't think about what repercussions his mission could have on the others while they were on theirs.

The change in the art can be overlooked due to the shipping schedule of the book and all. Despite the 'reason' we could apply for having different styles, it still gives the story a slightly different feel, especially since the previous issue came out just last week.

The Verdict

The odds are stacked against the heroes. We're finally seeing them make a move. With the heroes going off in two different directions, it'll be interesting to see how the two 'missions' coincide with each other. Due to the nature of how they're carrying out their missions, it seems they should have taken a little bit more time to plan everything out. The different missions also allows for an acceptable reason to have different artists on this issue. There are still some interesting aspects of the story taking place. It just feels, with the different directions of the story, it's starting to go all over the place. There will be some repercussions to see in the following issues. I have no idea what's coming up and that's a good thing.