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Adventure Time 2013 Spoooktacular #1 - Costume Party; Secret 'Stache; Halloween Horticulture; Bad Girl Gone Good


It's Halloween time in the land of Ooo!

The Good

The ADVENTURE TIME SPOooKTACULAR collects COSTUME PARTY, SECRET 'STACHE, HALLOWEEN HORTICULTURE, and BAD GIRL GONE GOOD -- four fun little Halloween tales set in the ADVENTURE TIME universe (plus a bonus preview of STEPHEN UNIVERSE). Authored and illustrated by series and Boom! favorites, the mini-anthology is just the thing to set the Halloween mood.

Each story is unique (both in subject and style), but very in-place in Ooo. Every creator involved has mastered the cheeky lingo and whimsical style that makes ADVENTURE TIME so fun, and it's great to see such unique variations on a theme. SECRET 'STACHE in particular takes Ooo to different places artistically, but it's no less charming than the usual cartoony style.

Equally varied is each creative team's interpretation of a Halloween story -- some center around the day itself (parties and such), while others riff on festive items like pumpkins. It's as assorted as a bucket full of Halloween candy, and at least one of the stories will bring a smile to your face.

I'm also rather fond of Marceline's Halloween costume.

The Bad

The SpOooktacular is an enjoyable read, but it's pretty light on the "spOooky" factor (TWELVE YEARS DUNGEON!). It's a tough line to walk with all-ages books, but the stories tended to hit on "funny" rather than "scary." I'd be interested in seeing light-horror (something along the lines of the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark books from childhood, but more Ooo-y!) in next year's Halloween special.

The Verdict

Halloween is tomorrow. Even if you're not dressing up (pro tip: a Finn costume is preeeeetty easy!), get into the festive mood by grabbing this neat little collection of holiday-themed stories from some of Boom's finest.