Comic Vine Review


Adventure Time #1 - My Cider the Mountain


We all know what time it is. Find out what an eight-year-old girl who watches the show thinks about the comic version from BOOM! Studios.

Note: L'il G-Girl is an eight-year-old girl who reads comics.


I liked it. The first story is about Finn and Jake trying to help everyone get out of a magic bag that the Lich put them into. Finn and Jake were practicing battle burns to hurt people's feelings during a fight. I think hurting his feelings would just make him more mad at them. If he gets more mad at them, he might keep them in the bag forever.

The Jake Suit was very creative. I don't know if they did that in the cartoon before.

It looks a lot like the cartoon. It wasn't quite the same as watching because of not having the voices, but it makes it easier because my dad is good at making voices at whatever he reads. I did not pick up doing voices from him. I'm too shy to try to do the voices in front of people.

I was disappointed at the "to be continued part," but I was happy because there was another story after.


Yay! Tree Trunks is in this story. Tree Trunks is my favorite medium size character (BMO is my favorite little one and Marceline is my favorite girl). Tree Trunks brought her cider to Princess Bubblegum but she didn't want it because she was getting cider from the sky. Birds carried the cider in barrels. I was not expecting the cider to come from where it did. Tree Trunks seems more aware of what's going on than in the cartoon. Dad asked me if I like Princess Bubblegum. I think she wears too much pink.

I liked the art here even though it's different from the cartoon. It's extraordinary. I liked the colors.

I really liked this comic. I wish it had more Marceline. Boom did a good job. I can't wait to read the next one.