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Action Comics #957 - Path of Doom Part One


You heard what happened to Superman, right? Wait until you see what Lex has planned.

There are several things returning to the Action Comics series. If you read the previous, Final Days of Superman arc and Superman: Rebirth #1, you know there's been some changes with Superman. When a new threat surfaced, [the New 52] Superman refused to back down, even though he was dying from Kryptonite poisoning. The world witnessed his heroic feat and is now mourning the death of the Man of Steel. With an apparent void in the hero department in Metropolis, you know it won't be long until someone takes the role. That someone is Lex Luthor.

Lex has always been a complex character. We all believe he's evil deep down. In recent Justice League issues, when he joined the team, it could be argued that perhaps he was trying to do the right thing. With the pre-New 52 Superman, Lex's campaign as Metropolis' next Superman is about to hit a pretty big snag.

Dan Jurgens does a great job pushing the story forward. As this is potentially a jumping on point for new or returning readers, he balances catching you up while also setting up what's to come. Some of the set up does get in the way of moving forward, but there's enough to leave you hungry for more. Jurgens delivers some very tasty cliffhangers towards the end of the issue.

Patrick Zircher's art and Tomeu Morey's colors are fantastic. With this version of Superman and Jurgens writing, you feel the nostalgia kick in yet the visuals also pull in a very nice modern feel. It's very clear this is going to be a great-looking series with plenty of action and suspense.

There's a lot to like in the latest issue of Action Comics. The return of the original numbering and classic Superman is something we've been looking forward to. With Lex Luthor launching his latest scheme, we're seeing a return of the old conflict between him and the Man of Steel. Zircher and Morey's art and colors gives the story a great feel. The issue does serve as a catch up for new readers and also drives the story forward. Jurgens sets up some nice twists readers won't be able to turn their backs on. My excitement for Superman comics has risen to a new level.