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Action Comics #8 - Superman Meets the Collector of Worlds


This is it, the end of the first arc. The fate of Metropolis and the world lies in young Superman's hands. Will he be able to save everyone? Well, of course since this is set in the past. But there's plenty of action to fill the issue.

This is the end of the arc but of course it's only the beginning for Superman. Morrison and company bring it all to a griping conclusion.

The Good

Knowing the end of this arc was a mixed bag. There were times early on I was extremely excited with the direction of the series. Unfortunately there were also elements of later parts that fell a little flat. Because of that, I was looking forward to end of the attack on Earth. Yet knowing the end was near meant the 'early days' of Superman might also be coming to a conclusion. I've said it before, I wasn't crazy about the jeans and t-shirt look but Grant Morrison and Rags Morales quickly made me love it.

In many ways, we already know how this story has to end. Obviously Metropolis has to survive, along with many of the 'stars' that were trapped in the bottled version. We also saw earlier that Superman manages to claim the ship for himself. Still, there were some pretty cool moments inside, seeing Superman become the hero Morrison has been molding him to be.

Now that Superman has faced this great threat, it appears the chip on his shoulder has gone away. We are now faced with a new Superman. Hopefully he'll retain some of his emotion and not be the flat and cold version we've seen in other "New 52" titles.

We have several artists working on this oversized issue and the key is to make note of the details on each page. There is plenty to see and definite clues to possible future plotlines. We'll have to wait and see how many of them play out since this story is still set in the past.

The Bad

I mentioned the different artists. There are four of them. Having multiple artists most likely made it easier to present an oversized story but also results in the noticeable change in art styles. It may not bother some but it's one of my pet peeves when it comes to comics.

There's also the fact that we know how a lot of this has to end. It some ways it made the issue almost feel rushed despite a tiny longing to see the end arrive. I am concerned for where the series will go next issue. Seeing a younger Superman in action (no pun intended) has been a blast. I am much more interested in seeing Morrison write the early days rather than have him do modern day adventures.

The Verdict

The first arc is over. What comes next? We've had a pretty good idea how this story has to end. That is one of the downfalls in telling a story set during Superman's early days while pretty much all the other "New 52" comics are set in the present. The ending almost feels rushed as suddenly we're witnessing the aftermath of it all. The stage has been set for Superman and now we're ready to see his adventures as a hero rather than a vigilante. Morrison brings it all together but it's the mix of four different artists in the book that drags it down a little. The adventures of young Superman may be over but we all know that Morrison has plenty more tricks up his sleeve. This has just been the appetizer for whatever he has planned.