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Action Comics #6 - When Superman Learned To Fly; Last Day


Great Scott! Grant Morrison throws a lot at us here. Do you want the current Superman or the one from five years ago? Guess what, you get both. And with Kryptonite on the scene, looks like both could be dying this issue. Uh oh.

Where do we begin? Are we in the past or in the present? It's sort of both. With the Anti-Superman Army and bunch of Kryptonite, Superman might not be able to survive this issue.

The Good

It can be extremely frustrating seeing the characters we know so well undergo new stories and developments. Maybe it's because Grant Morrison is involved but here it completely works. You never know what your going to get in an issue of ACTION COMICS and it feels like he keeps throwing curve balls our way.

Last issue we saw the Anti-Superman Army and the Legion of Superheroes show up. Throw in Kryptonite and time travel and you know things could get messy really fast. Seeing the present day Superman mixed in changes things up but at the same time, we delve even further back to see an even younger Superman/Clark Kent. We all know the story of how he grew up but because things are constantly being tweaked, it all has a new feel to it. You become glued to the pages to see what crazy things Grant might do with Superman's history this time.

The location of the battle is a surprise and throughout the issue, there is plenty in the background that you'll find yourself taking it all in trying to figure out what will come back later in a bigger role.

There is also a back up by Sholly Fisch and ChrisCross. This along with the other scenes from Clark's youth really adds to his origin. Many questions are being answered as to what life was like for this Superman and how come he behaves so differently in the SUPERMAN comic.

The Bad

It's an interesting 'battle.' At times you start wondering what's really going on. Who are all these people? Why do they all hate Superman so much? The threat of Kryptonite can be a blessing and a curse for writers. If used too often, Superman loses some of his appeal. He becomes a hero that anyone can beat. There's a slight abruptness to the story but there is plenty going on along with the back up that gives it all a nice feel.

The Verdict

ACTION COMICS continues to stand out as one of the more interesting "New 52" titles. While many gripe about the changes happening and elements that are getting lost, with ACTION COMICS, it's like taking part in an adventure. With Grant Morrison at the helm, there's always a sense that anything goes. Each issue is full of surprises and twists that evolves the character into an almost new one. As a long time reader, I don't want to see Superman go through change after change but I can't help myself sitting back and enjoying the stories as they unfold. There is plenty going on here. With both the present day Superman and an even younger one than we've seen before, get ready to learn a lot more about who this Superman is. If you've been wanting more answers about Superman's origin, be prepared to get a few.