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Action Comics #5 - Rocket Song; Baby Steps


Funny how normally we'd be bored with another retelling of Superman's origin but when you put it in the hands of Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert, it's a whole new game.

Superman's battle to save Lois and Metropolis is interrupted by another retelling of his origin. But because Morrison has kept on on the edge of our seat with what's new and what's different, you'll be eating every bit up.

The Good

Even though I have really been enjoying Morrison's ACTION COMICS I was really surprised at how excited I was reading yet another version of Superman's origin. From the opening pages showing Krypton's imminent destruction and the desperation of Jor-El and Lara, the excitement is present. Plus the fact that Andy Kubert's pencils are involved, it all looks so dang good.

There's a lot to see and take in here. With all the different versions of the origin in the past, you'll find yourself slowly taking in all the details to see what Morrison feels is crucial to the story. In other words, we see what he feels matters to Superman's mythos. There's the Phantom Zone, Krypto, the ship even that famous line, "My place is at your side, Jor-El." Almost a year ago I brought up the question of why they had a ship with only room for one. That and more are answered here. We see the Kents as well but the way the story ends makes things even more interesting. It's safe to say that this isn't just a simple origin story. It's not one to pass by. There is stuff happening here that needs to be seen if you're reading the series.

It's interesting to have another artist on only the fifth issue but because it's Andy Kubert, who can complain? There is also a really nice back up with the Kents by Sholly Fisch and ChrisCross. More back ups and less 'commentary' makes the $3.99 price tag not a problem.

The Bad

While it's a great story. We're finally seeing how Superman's origin might be different in the 'New 52.' It's just a little weird that we had a major battle and the fate of so many are left hanging while we take this little detour to relive Superman's origin. It's a great retelling with great art and a nice ending but it does interrupt the flow a little. There is a reason for it all but

The Verdict

This is Grant Morrison telling Superman's origin. I would be surprised if there was anyone not interested in seeing what Grant has to say about this story. ACTION COMICS has been leading the pack in the 'New 52.' We may have seen Superman's origin many times but we've never seen Morrison and Andy Kubert tell it. Seeing what he feels is important and where he takes the story is worth the price of admission. Getting an extra back up story by Sholly Fisch and ChrisCross makes it that much sweeter.