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Action Comics #40 - Mirror Cracked


You're totally going to hate this issue. Especially if you're from Bizarro World.

The Good

This was exactly the sort of comic I needed to read this morning. I really love Bizarro (or I could say "Me hate Bizarro" but I'll fight the urge to do all this in Bizarro-speak). As we get ready to head into the two-month long Convergence series, Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder deliver a fantastic issue to tide us over until 41 is out.

All you need to know about this issue is Superman finds himself going through a portal to Bizarro World. Why? How? I really don't care. While I did enjoy the developments with Bizarro during FOREVER EVIL, it just wasn't what I wanted in Bizarro. This is a return to the Bizarro we all love or hate (I know, I said I'd stop). We get Superman facing Bizarro and the rest of the Bizarro JLA is there too. There was a time I actually said "Oh my gosh" in near disbelief, all the while a big smile was etched onto my face. Things get pretty nuts here. And that's a great thing.

Kuder's art and Wil Quintana's colors make this a visual treat. Kuder nails the look of Bizarro World and its citizens. I absolutely want more of this and cannot wait for the BIZARRO mini in June by Heath Corson and Gustavo Duarte.

The Bad

The only bad thing for me was the issue had to end. If you're looking for an absolutely serious Superman story, this might not be for you. It's not over the top zaniness. It does feel perfectly suited to be an ACTION COMICS issue.

The Verdict

Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder have given us a great and fun issue of ACTION COMICS. This is the sort of comic you should buy an extra copy or two to share with friends. With Superman somehow ending up on Bizarro World, we get a return of the classic Bizarro we all loved before the New 52. Pak delivers some wacky and fitting situations. Kuder's art and Wil Quintana's colors capture the feel of Bizarro World perfectly. I am definitely going to re-read this book. Buy this book. You'll love it. If you hate it, clearly you're from Bizarro World.