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Action Comics #4 - Superman and the Men of Steel; Hearts of Steel


A brazen, confident and youthful Superman returns to take on alien robots in the fourth issue of this series.

The Good

If I had to sum up the fourth issue of ACTION COMICS in two words they would be "action packed." So far, the Superman story in Action comics has focused on Clark's early years, which has definitely been a wild ride -- and this issue is no different. Morrison has given Superman a formidable opponent, and the danger to humanity appears to be self induced. After an alien virus takes over auto and manufacturing plants across the country, the plants begin automatically producing alien robots who embark on a path of full fledged destruction, and Superman is one of their main targets. The "Man of Steel" definitely has his hands full in this issue, so if you like a lot of action in your comics, then this is one issue you absolutely do not want to miss.

The end of the fourth issue indicates that the story will continue in issue #7 of ACTION COMICS. I was definitely surprised to see that the creative team would be leaving the story on hiatus for two issues and launching a whole new two-issue arc set in Superman's past. While I do think that it is a bit of a risk, I also think it will add a little something to the story. As of this point we dont have a full grasp of Superman's relationship with the society. How long has he been around? How long have they looked at him as a threat? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered and I definitely feel that now is a good time and a good place to get them.

The Bad

While not altogether complicated of a story line, the structure of the panels in this issue did make it somewhat difficult to follow, so reading the three previous issues is pretty necessary to follow the story. This issue is definitely not where you want to start reading ACTION COMICS. Aside from the fact that the story jumps around a little bit without warning, ACTION COMICS #4 was definitely a fantastic issue.

The Verdict

Fantastic dialogue, beautiful art and a heavy action packed story will both have you at the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more. This is definitely an issue that will leave you entertained and with more questions than answers -- and that's a good thing.

What happened to all the people? Where did they go? Why were they speaking so candidly to Lois Lane? Are they aliens from a parallel universe? Why are they here? What is the in store for Superman and who's help does he need? So many questions!

This is definitely an entertaining story and I highly recommend the series. However, I would go back and at the very least read the series' third issue before you dive into this one, if you haven't already. Overall, a lot of fun. I am digging Superman's spunk and brazenness, it makes him both more relatable and interesting. He's young, and it's great to see him having fun doing his job.