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Action Comics #3 - World Against Superman


Superman has been celebrated as a hero in Metropolis but that's all changing as protesters are now turning against him. That's actually the least of his concerns as other threats are popping up around him.

What happens when the people Superman has sworn to protect begin to turn against him? As if things weren't bad enough, Superman is about to face some other serious problems as well.

The Good

Krypton. We're finally getting some answers. What happened on Krypton during those final days? The core of Superman's character has remained the same but each issue has given us bits that are different. We have seen many interpretations of Kryptonians and their way of life. We finally get an idea of which version of Krypton Superman now comes from. Seeing it depicted here is quite a sight.

We also get to see more on the development of Superman's career as a hero as well as Clark Kent's pursuit of being a reporter. Unfortunately Superman is facing some big problems in both his identities. It used to be life was pretty easy for the Man of Steel but that isn't exactly the case any more.

While reading, I couldn't help but wonder how the gap between ACTION COMICS and SUPERMAN will be filled. I don't see it as a lack of coordination. Some of the commentary at the end reveals that there are indeed some connections and it's actually getting me a little more excited.

The Bad

I loved the first two issues but there was something missing here. The first thing you'll notice is the issue's art isn't entirely Rags Morales.' The fact that Gene Ha is providing some isn't a bad thing but we're only three issues in and the art has been a little inconsistent for whatever reason.

I'm still trying to warm up to this portrayal of Clark Kent. While he is a little more assertive that the meek and mild mannered Clark we're used to, there still are moments of moping around. We were spoiled in the commentary section last issue that Ma and Pa were dead and you really get a sense that he is alone here, even if he has Jimmy as a friend. Clark's crusade against Glenmorgan hasn't quite grasp my full attention but I want to believe that there will be something to it. At least I hope so.

I really don't care for Lois here. She could move to Star City for all I care.

The people turning on Superman angle isn't catching my attention either. It does make sense that they would be skeptical. Maybe it's a good thing since the idea of humans easily embracing an alien as a hero is hard to accept if you really think about it.

The Verdict

Grant Morrison delivers another good issue of Superman in his younger days. It wasn't as stellar as the first two issues but there are some more revelations and developments brewing here. The mix of Rags Morales and Gene Ha gives the book a different feel from the other issues. Ha's depiction of Krypton (which we finally get to see and find out how it compares to past interpretations) is a sight to be seen. The new plight of the public being anti-Superman is a nice twist but it doesn't seem like an overly exciting storyline. Obviously with the fact that Superman is seen as more of a hero in SUPERMAN, we know this will somehow turn around. Grant Morrison set the bar high with the first two issues and with the way this one ends, we're bound to see some major action next month.