Comic Vine Review


Action Comics #28 - What Lies Beneath


Superman and Lana Lang visit Subterranea and Ghost Soldier tries to talk to Kal-El.

The Good

Superman can be a tough sell sometimes, and while issue #27 of this series was a bit of a let down (for me), issue #28 was incredibly fun deals with the choices Superman must make because he thinks they're right, even if the outcomes of said choices are considered immoral by others.

Writer Greg Pak is doing a fine job on this series. Superman can be a tough character to write, but Pak is nailing it. This issue is more than just a good guy fighting a bad guy. Pak delves into what makes Superman the man he is today and why he makes the choices he makes. While the overall story is fun and interesting, it's the battle with Superman being Superman that makes this issue fantastic.

Ghost Soldier is a really cool character. He doesn't come off as a villain, just a man who has a job to complete, and he's someone who can actually hurt Superman. One of the best moments in the issue is when he and Superman have a chat about making the right choices and that every choice you make can affect those around you. Of course, Superman is a man who wants to stop every injustice he sees, so Ghost Soldier's words go in one ear and out the other. Most likely, this will have some ramifications in upcoming issues, and I cannot wait to see the outcome.

There's something very special about the art of Aaron Kuder and the colors from Wil Quintana. These two are perfect compliments to each other. Kuder really knows how to nail an establishing shot and layout a page in ways that make the reader want to inspect every inch of the page. His creature design is intriguing and they're designed in a way where they feel very out there, yet they could be real.

The Bad

While Kuder's art really shines throughout the issue, there was one page, in particular, that was a bit confusing and hard to read. The page is split with a diagonal line from the bottom left corner, shooting up to the upper-right corner of the page. From there, horizontal lines separate the panels. While the overall look of this page is incredibly interesting and fresh, it's rather troublesome to read and feels very unnatural.

This is going to be a bit nit-picky, but another small problem with this issue is that Pak and Kuder utilize a few too many splash pages towards the end of the issue. While there were only five in the issue, total, four of those splash pages happen in the latter part of the book, and while we've seen issues use a lot more in the past (SUPERMAN #75 was all splash pages), Pak and Kuder do a bit better storytelling in a multi-panel format. Again, this is nit-picky and doesn't hinder the overall score or opinion of the book, since Kuder's art is so damn good.

The Verdict

Kal-El's books have seen quite a few creative changes since the reboot, but this is the first time where one of his series feels to have a strong foothold on a good story with a writer who has a firm grasp on what makes the character tic. ACTION COMICS not only has Pak doing a splendid job with the characterization, but he also has the strong art team of Kuder and Quintana backing him up. Superman is a tough character from me to get excited about, but issue #28 really changed my mind about him. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.