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Action Comics #18 - Superman's Last Stand; Never-Ending Battle


It's the end of the battle against the foe from the Fifth Dimension and Grant Morrison's final issue. Perhaps expectations were a little high.

The Good

With Grant Morrison writing this story and a villain from the Fifth Dimension, you know there's going to be some crazy times. That's exactly what we get here. In on oversized issue, we see an all out battle between Superman and Vyndktvx and the Anti-Superman Army. Along the way, we get a ton of crazy visuals thrown at us as Superman fights across time and in his mind.

As a conclusion to Morrison's run, there are a lot of loose ends tied up. We see mention of several characters and events. It's all wrapped up as the battle take place. All the characters you'd expect to see during this run are here and questions are answered.

With the oversize issue, Rags Morales has a lot to draw. We see plenty of scenes from different moments and with all the imagery, you'll want to go back and really get a good look at everything presented on each page.

The Bad

As the main villain for the past few issues, I never really cared for Vyndktvx. Maybe it's unfair to the issue but for Grant Morrison's big Superman run, I simply expected more than Mxyzptlk's nemesis. While I have been enjoying Morrison on ACTION COMICS, I was hoping for more. Despite the grand scenes of pure craziness, there were a few times I was just waiting for it to be over. The ending was great in being true to Superman's character but it felt as if something was missing.

The back up story was cute. But that's about it. It's a message of the future influence of Superman but again, as the finale in Grant Morrison's run, I would've hoped for something more powerful to either put a nail in this story or set the stage for the next arc.

The Verdict

It's the end of Grant Morrison's tenure on ACTION COMICS. We've had some good times and this issue serves to bring a conclusion to many of the threads he started throughout the run. Rags Morales gives us some great visuals in depicting the wacky fight between Superman and Vyndktvx. It gave a nice ending but didn't have the explosive finish I was hoping for. Perhaps expectations grew too high with all the stakes riding on this one. I will definitely re-read Morrison's entire run. Perhaps reading it all together or allowing a little time to pass will enhance the experience. I just wish we had a more grand ending.