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Action Comics #15 - Superman at the End of Days; For My Next Trick...


This comic is all over the place in a good way. Grant Morrison throws lots of things our way. Get ready for a funky trip.

The Good

What can you say about Grant Morrison's writing that hasn't been said before. There's no questioning that Grant can weave an intricate web at times. Last month's Mars issue felt extremely out of place but we do get an explanation for it here. We also get some answers about that mysterious little man as well as more on the attack of the Anti-Superman Army.

You'll find yourself getting mixed emotions when reading this issue but not because of what you might think. Grant lays things out and some of the answers we get are ones we won't necessarily like. But that's what makes for a more compelling story, when you find yourself caring about what is happening in the issue and to the characters.

It's a trippy ride and without giving anything away, we do catch some glimpses of different moments in time. That's what gives this a grander overall feel. We all know that Grant is leaving the title soon and you can feel the anticipation building as you have no idea what is going to be thrown at us.

We have a great mix of art. Even the best stories can suffer a little when the art is a little lacking. That isn't the case here. We get some really nice detailed imagery courtesy of Brad Walker and Rags Morales. It may not be completely perfect for this issue though (more on that below). The backup story features a completely different style of art by Chris Sprouse. Normally different styles in the same issue bothers me a little but for the story here, it's beautiful and fitting.

The Bad

"In Grant We Trust." The explanation for last month's story here could be typical tricky writing by Grant but there are times you can't help but have a tiny bit of doubt over what is happening. Overall, it's such a fantastic trip it can be easily overlooked as we're dazzled from scene to scene.

As for the art in the main story, it was great but a Clark (and Superman) looked a little too much like the pre-New 52 Clark. Seeing young Clark in Smallville, he should have looked younger and different. The difference is clearly seen if you flip back and forth between the cover and the very first page. It's great art but is't New 52 Clark.

The Verdict

This is the type of Grant Morrison Superman story I want. You can feel Grant unshackling the story he's been building on this series. We get to see so much, it's almost overwhelming but in a good way. Superman comics in the New 52 have had some rough patches, even at times in this series. But this issue really shines. We get a glimpse of a bigger picture and you can only imagine what Grant has coming for us as he wraps up his run. There's a lot of emotions to experience. You'll boo as the villain plans his evil scheme and want to cringe as you see a sad moment about to unfold. It's a bummer that it has to end but you can always read it again.This is definitely an issue I'll want to read over again.