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Action Comics #13 - The Ghost In The Fortress of Solitude; A Boy And His Dog


If you're looking for answers and developments, you'll want to check this out. Morrison delivers a story with a slightly different take and treats us to some interesting guest stars.

The Good

Looking back is always a good thing in the New 52. Seeing Grant Morrison's take on Krypton and the first time the Phantom Zone was use was fascinating. It's always been an odd twisted turn of events how they decided to treat the criminals and that they ended up being the ones to survive Krypton's destruction.

The main focus and joy here is Krypto. We've been teased for some time now as to the fate of the Superdog. The previous mention of a ghost dog watching over Superman made you wonder what that meant. Of course there will be some that aren't completely thrilled but we can finally put this all to rest. Morrison will keep you on the edge of your seat in anticipation.

The return of Xa-Du is another interesting chain of events. We know about his role from previous issues. Seeing his hatred for Superman unfold is leads to a big change for Superman.

Morrison tells the story in a different type of narrative. It does change the feel of the story. Having Travel Foreman handle the art was a fitting choice for this "Halloween" story dealing with "ghosts."

Sholly Fisch and Brad Walker handle the back up that focuses on "A Boy and His Dog." I don't care what you say, when it comes to Krypto stories, I'm always on the verge of getting all sentimental.

The Bad

I suppose it's not a spoiler that Phantom Stranger appears here since it's mentioned in the solicit. I have to wonder, how the heck did he end up in the Phantom Zone? I thought I read PHANTOM STRANGER #0. Perhaps I need to re-read it. Or maybe we'll find out later. He seemed like an odd choice to include here.

I believe we still haven't been told when Superman came by his frozen/crystal Fortress of Solitude. When it first appeared, I believe we were told it'd be explained later. Another odd choice.

Am I completely losing my mind? I can't seem to recall how he came into possession of the Phantom Zone projector either.

The Verdict

Krypto. That's enough to make me happy. We've been wondering what his fate was since the New 52 started. Now we finally have some answers, including clarification as to what the "ghost dog" mentioned in earlier issues meant. Seeing the beginning of the Phantom Zone and the return of Xa-Du raised the excitement. You'll find the back up touching your emotions as you see the relationship between baby Kal-El and Krypto and realize how much they lost. Grants different approach to the narrative gives the story a classic feel to it and fitting for a Halloween story, despite not really being a Halloween story. If you've been wondering what Krypto's fate will be, you need to check this issue out.