Comic Vine Review


Abe Sapien: The Devil Does Not Jest #2


Abe Sapien opens a case that had been kept closed for years, but was it a mistake? Is he dealing with more than he can handle?

Be warned, some spoilers below!

The Good

If you read the previous (first) issue in this two issue story then you might recall the traumatic event that took place at the end of the previous issue -- if you missed it, I don't recommend picking up this issue; it would ruin the story for you. In the last issue Abe decided to open a case that had been closed for over a decade; this case led him to travel to Maine to a house that had been seemingly abandoned for years. What Abe finds, however, may be more than he can handle and he is involved in a shooting. The final moments found in that first issue are immediately addressed at the start of issue two. Enter: Hellboy. If there's ever a moment where members of the B.P.R.D. need some assistance, who better than to call but Hellboy himself.

The story shifts to the history of the abandoned, haunted home in Maine where Abe had traveled to in order to solve the once closed, now open, case.What happens when a regular man obsessed with the occult opens his life, family and home to demons and evil spirits? Clearly, more than he can handle. If the issue teaches us anything, it's not to play with fire. Literally.

With Abe being out of commission in the current Hellboy universe and Hellboy dead (as far as we know,) these stories that delve into the character's histories and tell the tales of their adventures from long ago are refreshing. The books are short (this story only consisted of two issues) and they are a great way to introduce new readers to these characters. Also, with a character like Abe, what's not to love?

The Bad

The story absolutely could have been drawn out into at the very least, a third issue. I think had Mignola and Arcudi wanted to, they could have delved into a deeper narrative and told more of a story. Nonetheless, the story is organized and well written even if it does feel like it ended too quickly.

The Verdict

While it would have been great to get a third issue out of this story, it was still a fantastic look at the days where Abe and Hellboy were still alive, well, (for the most part) and working together. This is a fantastic book for readers who love these characters and want to read more stories focused on them as well as new readers who may be unfamiliar with the characters and want to learn more about them. I would absolutely give this issue a look. Mignola and Arcudi do it again, and James Harren knocks it out of the part with his fabulous art.