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Abe Sapien: The Devil Does Not Jest #1 - Part One


Abe Sapien is out to uncover a mystery and to open a 50 year old case, but he may be in over his head. Get ready for a fantastic start to an edge of your seat story.

What happens when you decide to open a 50 year old case based on a hunch? Trouble, of course. Abe Sapien takes the reigns of the 50 year old case in this first part of a two part story.

The Good

Sometimes when I read a Hellboy book by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi I feel like I'm watching an episode of Law and Order or CSI, only better. The creative team has a way of keeping his reader in suspense and will have you guessing "what's next" with the turn of each page. His latest, 'Abe Sapien: The Devil Does Not Jest' is no different. The first part of this two part series features Abe who has decided to open a case at the urging of a seemingly helpless man who's grandfather died 50 years ago. The result of which may have something to do with the fact that this man's grandfather who had been a professor at "Vandrist University" had been a lead researcher in "demonology" and "theurgy," which is the practice of conjuring spirits to essentially possess oneself. Clearly, Abe will be dealing with some pretty creepy stuff here.

Once again the creative team delivers an issue that will not only leave the reader at the edge of their seat, but will leave them wondering how he will be able to fit this story into just two issues. The pacing is perfect and the art by James Harren completely compliments the story. It's gritty, scary and absolutely perfect.

Can I also just say how cool it is to see Abe in his own book? He's an awesome character and deserves it.

The Bad

That awful feeling when I got to the last page and realized it was the end of the issue. That was pretty bad.

The Verdict

This is definitely an issue that Hellboy fans should pick up this week! It's hard to believe that this is only a two part story considering the amount of stuff that happens in the issue, and it definitely feels like Mignola and Arcudi could extend it if they really wanted to. It's a fun horror comic and the writers capture the mysticism and overall danger of the events very well. Great pacing, gorgeous art, beautiful story. I highly recommend this to veteran Hellboy fans and new readers alike.