Comic Vine Review


Abe Sapien #12 - The Garden


Abe's journey takes him down a dark path as he runs into a couple in a strange situation.

The Good

There's been a lot going on in this series so far. The nice thing is you can just pick this issue up and check in on what Abe is currently up to. With the world a little messed up right now, Abe's journey will soon bring in in contact with a couple trying to survive. With monsters unleashed upon the world, we see a man doing what he believes is best to protect his home and family. Of course there is more to it than that.

Many times we see big disastrous events occur in comics. We don't always see the affects or what comes next for the average person. Mike Mignola and Scott Allie show us things from a different perspective. It's a fascinating look and makes you wonder about the other monsters that might be out there. With these survivors, we see the story unfold from a man and woman's perspective. We see the events leading up to where they are now. Without spoilers, it's pretty powerful stuff.

Max Fiumara's art is phenomenal. There's almost an eerie beauty to it and seeing the shift from scene to scene, flashbacks to present, will keep you glued to each page. There isn't a lot any dialogue as the story is told through caption boxes. But that, combined with the art, is more than enough to punch you in the gut, in a nice way. This is all topped off with Dave Stewart's amazing colors. The story and art are a powerful combination.

The Bad

If you haven't been reading before, you won't know what's happened before. But with the way the story is laid out and the flashbacks, you get a good enough idea. There are a couple moments towards the end that feel like they're almost open to interpretation.

The Verdict

This issue shows that comic books can have different kinds of story and different ways to tell them. Told without actual dialogue, we get a pretty powerful story involving Abe Sapien. After big cataclysmic events in comics, we don't often see how it affects the everyman and what they go through afterwords. Mignola and Allie do just that. The story takes a slightly dark path and there will be some surprises that just might catch you off guard. Max Fiumara's art with Dave Stewart's colors complete the vibe and atmosphere the story requires. It's not often a comic can deliver this kind of emotion. The story might be a little off-putting but it's definitely something you should check out. Don't miss this issue.