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A+X #12 - Wonder Man + The Beast: People Change; Captain America + Jubilee


Wonder Man and Beast reconnect over some drinks, and Captain America brings Jubilee on a mission.

The Good

Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Cable and Deadpool. Iron Man and War Machine. Captain America and... Jubilee?! If you told me Steve Rogers was going to investigate a sunken nazi submarine and had to bring a character from the X-Men along for the ride, I never would have guessed his selection would be Jubilee. What follows is a plot stripped right out of a low-budget horror movie, but writer Justin Jordan makes it work by delivering a well-executed message. The bundle of action which follows shortly after certainly doesn't hurt matters, either.

I won't spoil what they encounter, but it does give the art team (Angel Unzueta, Thomas Mason) some time to shine. There's some great effects as enemies are defeated and this really serves as the standout visuals in the entire issue. Also, I simply love the handling of the underwater effects.

The first chapter reunites two characters with a lot of history: Beast and Wonder Man. Writer Christos Gage shines the spotlight on how a bond can always remain between two close friends, no matter how much they change throughout the years. However, that message is overshadowed by the sheer randomness of the issue as they rebuild their connection. From giving an X-Man a haircut to karaoke with a villain, this issue goes all over the place and it's totally an amusing turn of events. Beast is so often used for his intellect, so it's nice to see Hank let loose and just have a good time.

The Bad

Beast's facial expressions feel over-exaggerated. At times, he comes off as particularly sinister or even smug. I get one of the points of this issue is to show him acting out-of-character and not worrying about being the "smart guy," but his expressions felt drastic and off to me. Aside from that, I don't have any major complaints about the book. It delivers exactly what I expected it to: a decent amount of escapism. It never really blew me away, but it never left me disappointed, either.

The Verdict

The latest A+X pretty much accomplishes what it sets out to do and that's offer a fair dose of levity and fun. It didn't split my sides or ever make me burst into laughter, but both team-ups were a pretty good time and I'd recommend picking it up to those who are particularly attached to these characters. While Beast and Wonder Man's team-up delivers bigger jokes and way more randomness, I found myself enjoying Captain America and Jubilee's mission more, primarily due to the more personalized message behind it and, of course, nazi vampires getting whooped.

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beast went from cat looking man to a verry hairy gorilla. I go jubilee for gaining some spotlight

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I could have sworn these two teamed up at some point in West Coast Avengers. If there's a call back to those times in this book then I might want to check it out.

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Iron Man and War Machine wouldn't work, neither would Deadpool and Cable (though I would love it if they did that) ... It's Avengers + X-Men, right?

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I liked the super villain and heroes karaoke panel.

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Before I'd even read the issue I knew the Cap/Jubilee story was going to be great. Because with those 2 characters it was either going to be great, or a total flop. The Beast/Wonder Man story kind of blew my mind though.

When I first saw the preview for this book I thought "Wow, two characters that no one will want to read about -__- ". Hank (in my opinion) hasn't been a likeable character in years, and Simon's fans seem to have all either died, or stopped reading comics while they waited for him to become relevant again.

But to my surprise the Hank/Simon story was 100% fun from start to finish. If these two characters could act more like they do in this issue, maybe they'd have more fans. I actually enjoyed it more than the Cap/Jubilee story (two characters that I love btw).

So even if you're like me and feel disdain/apathy for either of these characters, I'd still recommend this issue. It was one of the more enjoyable issues of A+X. Though I still think Hank has been in too many of them (this is his thirdone so far)