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Major Story Arcs

Deathstroke in Chicago

Reverend Thompson is first seen at a disturbing scene; a woman was driving her boss's electrically powered car when the batteries die. Pulling over, three black men approached and tried to sexually assault her. In response, she tried to fend them off with her legally owned gun. However, because she was untrained, her aim was so bad that she missed them completely and killed the boy passing by on his bike. While the crime scene is being assessed, the Reverend arrives and asks a detective to have the body removed. When the detective introduces him to Jack Ryder, he is curious as to why the press cares about the shooting. When he is asked if Deathstroke is responsible, he is unsure, but is okay with it if his actions help the community. When Ryder asks if it could help, he says no and leaves. Deathstroke is then seen murdering gangsters related to child deaths all over the city, using only bladed weapons.

Ryder and the Reverend are later seen at a meeting of a group of women who lost their children to gun violence. The reverend explain that the group sold whatever they could to scrape together some money to hire Deathstroke to target the gangsters who killed their children. Ryder interviews them, saying he doesn't understand why they don't care that black people are being murdered by a white man. One mom says she is satisfied if her child's death is being avenged. He then tells Ryder about all of hip-hop artists that these young black men spend their time listening to. Ryder responds that parents are buying these Cd's and the hiring Deathstroke sets a bad example too. He then asks if killing everyone will really solve anything. Stroke responds that if God will allow it, it can solve everything. Deathstroke is then seen taking out more gangbangers; one by dropping fridge onto him, the other with close combat. He then writes the initials DS in paint onto a nearby window. Reverend Stroke also says that in the past people settled problems man-to-man. Nowadays, anyone with index finger relies on guns to solve everything.

Later, the two meet another group of women; a group of gun-toting women of various ages opposing the group who hired Deathstroke. The reverend then goes on to talk about a similar issue. When Japan took over the island of Okinawa they banned the use of knives. In response, the locals created some of the deadliest unarmed fighting styles known to man. He states that using legislation to fight the gun problem is futile, because guns aren't the problem, Deathstroke and any like him are the problem. While this conversation is going on, Deathstroke kills more gangsters by ramming their car with a cement truck and putting a Molotov in the wreck.

Ryder is later seen warning the woman the killed the twelve-year old that Deathstroke was coming for her. He also reveals that Deathsroke killed her boss with an axe. Deathstroke then appears in the building. Finding a bleeding Ryder - who was shot by the woman out of fear - he leaves him alone and looks for his target. The woman tries to hide and call 911, but there are no operators available. as the automated message plays, Deathstroke kills her with a nail gun. He is then blindsided by Ryder, now transformed into the Creeper. Creeper tackles him out of a window onto the street below. Before he can do anything else, Deathstroke shoots Creeper, but it barely slows him down. In the ensuing struggle, Creeper partially removes Deathstroke's mask revealing that it is actually the Reverend in diguise, before he can do anything else, the gunshot wound causes Creeper to pass out, allowing the Reverend to flee.

The Reverend is last seen in a church, having been gunned down by Slade Wilson, the real Deathstroke. Ryder, having returned to normal and found the Reverend, talks to Slade about why the Reverend did what he did. Ryder thinks he was trying to do what was right, and Slade doesn't care. He then explains that the women who hired "Deathstroke" only raised a fraction of what Slade normally charges. Once he confirms that he and Ryder have no quarrel, Ryder asks if he would have done the job if they had actually been able to raise enough to pay him and Slade says no.

Powers and Abilities

Unarmed Combat

The Reverend has no super powers at all. However, he proved to be adept at hand-to-hand combat, easily disarming and defeating an armed gangster. He also proved to be quick and agile in combat, able to dispatch several assailants before they could react.


Reverend Stroke also proved that he has proficiency with with projectile weapons both standard and unconventional.


The Reverend showed skill with swords, knives, and other bladed weapons, able to dispatch multiple assailants using them with ease.


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