Reverend Meat

    Character » Reverend Meat appears in 2 issues.

    An inanimate object that personifies one of the many voices in Johnny C's head

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    Reverend Meat is a Bub's Burger Boy statuette that was given to Johnnyby an unnamed girl. Reverend Meat implies that the girl gave him to Johnny after the pair had been intimate. Following Johnny's accidental death and subsequent resurrection, Reverend Meat becomes a manifestation of voices in Johnny's head.  


    Reverend Meat was created by Jhonen Vasquez. He is never named on-panel, and received his name later, first in an interview and later in the trade paperback collection. Physically, he resembles the mascot of the Big Boy chain of restaurants.

    Major Story Arcs

    Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

    Reverend Meat begins to speak to Johnny following the latter's accidental suicide and rebirth. He manifests the desire for sensation and instant gratification without regard for the consequences, making him essentially the ideological opposite of Nailbunny, who was Johnny's voice of reason. He is also in direct conflict with Johnny's current expressed desire to expunge all emotion and desire. Because of this, Johnny dislikes him. He encourages Johnny to give himself over to pleasure, which Johnny rejects as being a form of slavery, which he has just escaped. Johnny leaves, but Reverend Meat claims that it is impossible to escape, as everyone is always a slave to something. 

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