Reverend Craig

    Character » Reverend Craig appears in 89 issues.

    An abusive priest who raised Wolfsbane, later revealed to be her biological father. He lives somewhere near Muir Island, Scotland.

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    A priest in Northern Scotland, he preached hellfire and damnation while living a life worthy of such condemnation.


    Introduced by writer Chris Claremont and artist Bob McLeod.

    Character Evolution

    Beginning as a loud mouthed priest, it soon became apparent that the Reverend was an abusive man who fathered Wolfsbane with a prostitute.

    Major Story Arcs

    Reverend Craig witnessed the arrival of Cable in the present. Seeing the flash of light and the smoke rising from his body, it didn't take long for the Reverend to rally the people of the town together and label Cable as the Devil's Herald. The name seemed even more appropriate when the townspeople saw Cable's glowing eye and metallic "skin." Cable used his telepathy to convince everyone that he was simply Moira MacTaggert's cousin from London. The Reverend left peaceably, abandoning his desires to kill the "spawn of Satan."


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