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Revernd Billy Miggs is the head of a church called The Southern Order of Change, which is really a terrorist organization responsable for the deaths of at least nine people befor Migg's capture.  The group calls themselves fundamentalists but their attacks use high tech equipment, like bombs, lazers and battle suits.
When Miggs was in police cussity he exchanged some idealogy with Green Arrow and his FBI escort Federal Marshal Haley Donovan, stating  "Sin is Rampant everywhere and sinners go unpunished" and "I am God 's Gabriel on earth and I have a legion of Metal Angels which will change things." Then as to prove his point his group comes to his rescue and helps him escape using the flying battlesuits. 
After his escape Miggs comments several more murders.  Always believing he is doing Gods work and punishing sinners. 
Miggs is finally captued for good when Green Arrow tracks down his supplier, Ralston, and beats Migg's next target out of the suppiler. 
Miggs always believing he is right in God's eyes dosen't believe Green Arrow can defeat him and when he does Migg's tries to blow up th capitol building in DC, by using the self destruct in the battle suit. 
Green Arrow saves Miggs target and an Donovan saves Miggs life.   
Miggs is currently at Arkansas awaiting trial.

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