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Reverb was created by Titan Magazine as a new character from the Revenge of the Fallen Sequel books. Reverb considers himself a loner and doesn't work well with a team. One of his specialties is disrupting communications across a wide area. His alt-mode is a motorcycle.

Other Media


Titan Magazine Revenge of the Fallen Continuity

Reverb was sighted in Los Angeles, and NEST went in to capture him. However, Jolt went into action too soon, causing Reverb to change his route. He successfully avoided the Autobot, only to get rammed head-on by Bumblebee.

Later, he met with Bludgeon and other prisoners that had escaped to form a Decepticon splinter cell. Reverb however would not join, viewing himself as a lone rider. He went off on his own, only to get recaptured by Blazemaster.

Transformers: Nefarious: Revenge of the Fallen Sequel

As part of Strike Team Ursa, Reverb with Dirt Boss and Brakedown, were dispatched by Soundwave to investigate the organization that had resurrected Ravage. They discovered a hidden base beneath a garbage dump, but fled when they accidentally activated its self-destruct. They were soon intercepted by the Autobots Ironhide and Sideswipe. When Dirt Boss asked the team if they should fight or flee, Reverb decided to fight and was destroyed by Ironhide.


Transformers Classified: Switching Gears

Transformers Classified: Battle Mountain


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