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The death of Claire Vala was an inevitable outcome of her destiny. It was originally foretold that the Warlocks would escape the Ashen Realms, and visit death and destruction upon the Earth. As the last and most powerful of the world's witches, she would confront their leader Vigil, and she would fall before him.
But prophecy does not always go as intended.
Claire Vala was a precocious 17 year-old, still in high school and working at the local convenience store. One August night in 2001, she and her older sister, Jesse, came home to find their parents being devoured by a monstrous supernatural creature- a were servant of the Warlocks.
Cooler under fire than her sister, Claire immediately sprang into action, fleeing from the beast with Jesse in tow. When it stumbled into a fish tank, she quickly grabbed the nearest light fixture, jamming it into the water and electrocuting the were. Claire took a moment to catch her breath and process the situation - a moment in which another were snuck up on her, and tore her to shreds. 
A short time later, much to her bewilderment, Claire found herself in a strange house, with strange people - and the crying figure of Jesse, still spattered in gore from her recent rescue from the weres. Claire was a ghost - a revenent, brought back from the dead by Helen Nightshade, for purposes unknown.
Claire was traumatized by her new, undead existence, though she found momentary solace in the discovery that the magical creature Golem was the one thing that could actually touch her in her ethereal state. She remained with the Shadow Reavers as Helen sent them on a quest to awaken the latent witchcraft of her sister Jesse.
The quest led them into a confrontation with a gigantic, town consuming daemon and its creator, a human sorcerer. When the sorcerer mind-controlled Jesse and forced her to attack Exile, Claire tried to appeal to her sister to stop, but was unsuccessful. Instead, she learned that she could possess her sister's body, and thereby stop her assault. With his puppet stolen from him, the sorcerer proved no match for Exile, who slew him.
Together with Golem, Exile and the Vala sisters stopped the daemon, and returned to Helen's home. There, Claire found herself unable to separate from Jesse's body. Vigil had already broken the Elemental Order, allowing them an escape from the Ashen Realms at last. Claire had a decision to make - to have Golem free her from her sister's body, or to remain and learn to use her own powers of witchcraft to confront the Warlocks - though it would mean the death of Jesse Vala.


As Revenant, Claire Vala is completely intangible and immune to any earthly assault, though certain supernatural creatures (such as Golem and the Stillwalkers) can still touch her and bring her to harm.
She is able to possess the body of a living host, suppressing its mind and personality, and putting herself in control of its motor functions. Claire was unable to use Ascendant's magical powers while possessing her body, but presumably could have eventually learned to use her own latent witchcraft abilities. While possessing someone, the host body's skin would turn gray - a side effect of the process due to her slowly killing the host body's original soul.
Claire Vala also had latent powers over the elements, due to her heritage as a witch. Her powers were said to be greater than her sister Jesse's.

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