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    Character » Retro Girl appears in 25 issues.

    One of the most popular superheroes of her time, Retro Girl's murder was the first case in the Powers ongoing series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.

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    Retro Girl and friends
    Retro Girl and friends

    The power of Retro Girl had been passed down from girl to girl, through unknown means and purposes, since the ancient times of human civilization. In a way, there had always been a Retro Girl. When a girl named Janis became the recipient of this power, it was in the era of superheroes were at their peak, and she became the first girl with the power to dub herself Retro Girl.

    As Retro Girl, Janis became one of the most loved superheroes around. She formed a close alliance with fellow superheroes Zora, Diamond and Triphammer, creating an unnamed superhero group with them.


    Retro Girl was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. Her murder was the subject of the first story arc of their creator-owned series Powers. The character would remain dead but have further appearances through flashbacks.

    Major Story Arcs

    Who Killed Retro Girl?

    Who killed Retro Girl?
    Who killed Retro Girl?

    When Retro Girl died, it was not in battle with some supervillain. She was cruelly murdered by a deranged fan who managed to piece together a homemade power drainer and slit her vulnerable throat. Her murder case was assigned to Detective Christian Walker, formerly her close friend Diamond, and Detective Deena Pilgrim. They solved the case, and her murderer was then murdered by Triphammer in retribution.

    Janis' power as Retro Girl transferred to a young girl who was in Christian Walker's custody at the time. Her name was Calista Secor, and she played a role in helping solve Janis' murder case. Years later, Calista became the new Retro Girl in Janis' honor.

    Powers and Abilities

    Retro Girl appeared to possess the basic powers package of super strength, invulnerability and flight.

    Other Media

    Powers (television series)

    In the television adaption of Powers being developed for FX, Carly Foulkes has been cast to play Retro Girl.


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