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    Character » Resurrection Man appears in 87 issues.

    Resurrection Man has the power to not only revive himself, but to return with a new ability derived from the circumstances of his death.

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    Current Events

    Mitch Shelly works to find who he is, and find his lost memories. He fights against Suriel, an agent of Heaven, who wants his soul. After he escapes her, he goes to his fathers nursing home, where he meets the Transhuman. Soon after the pair of them fight against the Body Doubles. The fight concludes with Suriel killing him resurrecting him somewhere else.

    Mitch and Kim travel to Viceroy, South Carolina while following the trail of a tracking device that belongs to the Transhuman. They manage to slip into the Soder Company factory only to discover that the Lab had been hiding their headquarters there all along using some type of holographic projectors or cloaking devices to hide the tall building. While inside, the pair manage to find the Transhuman. It is revealed to them, however, that the Transhuman was willingly being used as bait and he attacks them. The Body Doubles return to the scene at this time, under the direction of Director Hooker to capture Mitch. After killing him once, they manage to knock him unconscious.


    Mitch Shelley was an seemingly ordinary lawyer from Viceroy, South Carolina. He was unwillingly tested on using experimental nanotechnology involving Tektites, microscopic machines that can reconstruct or repair damaged cells. These Tektites gave him the power to not only revive himself, but to return with a new ability derived from the circumstances of his death.


    Resurrection Man is the creation of writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and artist Jackson Butch Guice. There have been several artists step in for Guice but the creative writing team of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have been involved in every issue of Resurrection Man.

    Major Story Arcs

    Original Series

    At first Mitchell Shelley was a corrupt lawyer who was unwillingly tested on. He was a subject for nanotechnology experimentation, the nanomachines known as tektites. The company who experimented on him was only known as the Lab. At first, the experiments rendered Mitch amnesiac. The tektites caused Mitch's deaths to only last a few seconds, then he would come back with a new super power.

    After leaving the Lab he fought an incarnation of Amazo. Resurrection Man defeated Amazo and it caught the attention of the JLA. Mitch has been chased by the Body Doubles, two female assassins who work for the Lab.

    It was later revealed that the Lab only gave Mitchell the ability of instant resurrection. His past reaches far back to the time of cavemen. Through all the time he has lived, he has always encountered Vandal Savage. Resurrection Man has always foiled Savage's schemes before dying. Mitchell Shelley is the counter-agent of Vandal Savage.

    Phantom Stranger considers Resurrection Man to be a friend of his even though Mitchell does not recall ever meeting him before. Forgotten Heroes recruited Resurrection Man thinking he was the latest incarnation of Immortal Man. Shelley revealed to the group that he was not Immortal Man, but something completely different.

    By the end of the Resurrection Man series, he helped face down a threat to the multiverse that the JLA, JSA, Young Justice, and the Forgotten Heroes could not face. The threat had to do with Mitch's origins, Vandal Savage, and Immortal Man. The threat was stopped when Immortal Man sacrificed himself to save the multiverse. Since then, Resurrection Man wanders the DC universe helping others and fighting crime outside the Mainstream DC universe.


    Resurrection Man vs. Suriel
    Resurrection Man vs. Suriel

    Resurrection Man 'resurrects' into a new original series by the writing team of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning as part of the release of 52 all new series. His first foe is an angel from Heaven named, Suriel. She is looking to collect his soul which has long since been overdue. Suriel is not the only one looking for Mitch Shelley. The Body Doubles are also hot on the trail of the Resurrection Man. After a battle takes place outside the residence of Darryl Roth, Mitch is thrown into an ambulance and taken to Arkham Asylum. At Arkham, Mitch Shelley stops a prisoner breakout and then escapes himself.

    While on the run from the police, Mitch lays low in an apartment complex but the building is raided by the Metropolis Police. The police are raiding a meth lab in the building but they come under attack by Mr. Untouchable who is using the same energy shield that Resurrection Man remembers from his dream of his past. Mitch fights Mr. Untouchable, defeats him, and then escapes to find out more about his past.

    Mitch travels to the Metropolis Library to find out more about his past. While transversing the hallways of the library, Mitch runs into Kim Rebecki who has been following him. Mitch questions Kim but is interrupted by The Butcher, a necromancer and agent of Hell. After the battle, when it seemed that Resurrection Man had escaped permanent death yet again, he is shot in the head by Deadshot. It appears the Suicide Squad is also after Mitch Shelley.

    Before the Suicide Squad can extract Mitch and return him to headquarters, Mitch resurrects. Mitch battles and defeats the Suicide Squad but ends up falling to his death when he is chasing down Deadshot. Before Deadshot could cut up Resurrection Man, thereby preventing resurrection, he is attacked by the Body Doubles who have finally caught up with Mitch again.

    Another battle ensues and Deadshot manages to extract Mitch and transport him to Amanda Waller. Waller uses Kim Rebecki, the one person that Mitch Shelley remotely trusts, to get Resurrection Man to throw down his guard. Amanda Waller kills Mitch but she lets him go as part of her agreement with Rebecki but not before she cuts off one of his hands. Waller also secretly implants a nano-bomb in Kim's neck so that she would be compliant the next time their paths cross.

    Suriel, Outcast, and Resurrection Man
    Suriel, Outcast, and Resurrection Man

    Mitch and Kim wake up in the middle of the forest and set off to continue Mitch's mission to rediscover the rest of his past. Kim uses her powers to figure out where they should go next. They discover a hidden location that used to be a hideout for the Transhuman, a friend of Resurrection Man. What they discover here is that the Transhuman has a tracking device implanted on him and that they can use to locate him and the organization known as the Lab. It is at this moment that Suriel, the agent of Heaven, has caught up with Mitch and demands that he surrender and return to Heaven with her. Outcast, an agent of Hell, appears not long afterwards and demands that Mitch return to Hell with him instead. Mitch convinces the two celestial beings to give him one week to rediscover the secrets of his past and then he will give himself up to one of them. They both agree to these terms and disappear. Now Mitch and Kim have a week to track down Transhuman and the Lab so that he can figure out who he really is.


    Resurrection Man has to die in order to access his powers. Each time he resurrects, he returns with a new power. The new power usually manifests itself based on the circumstance upon which he dies. It acts somewhat like a defensive ability by giving Resurrection Man abilities that can prevent that same type of death again.

    DC One Million Resurrection Man
    DC One Million Resurrection Man

    In the DC One Million future it is a natural ability that he has been able to control for thousands of years. By choice, he maintains a default setting of flight and enhanced strength. The Resurrector device on his arm holds a Zerophon Ichneumid, an alien larvae armed with a lethal neurotoxin. By activating it, he can administer a dose and die for a second. That brief death allows him to choose one custom power to go along with the default powers.

    Chronological List of Deaths and Powers

    Resurrection Man, Volume 1

    IssueType of DeathNew Power Gained
    1Gas explosionFlight
    1Shot and fell to deathAir Manipulation
    1Tank truck explosionPyrokinesis
    2Fell to death after saving peopleEmpathetic Powers
    4Rat poisonRat/Human Hybrid
    4Stabbed multiple times by BesslyUnknown (did not live long enough)
    4Shot in head by KeachUnknown (did not live long enough)
    4Decapitated by KeachHardened Skin
    6Shot in head by LenoFlame Emission/Blasts
    73 separate deaths (offpanel)Energy Blasts
    8Hit by carShapeshifting
    9Car explosionSkeletal Form (Eldritch Flames)
    10Shot to death in shootoutCreate Butterflies
    10Shot in head by HitmanChameleon Powers
    10Shot in head by HitmanX-Ray Vision
    10Shot in head by HitmanCosmic/Atomic Powers
    14Nuclear ExplosionShadow Form
    13Stabbed (flashback issue)Psychometry
    13Electric Chair (flashback issue)Unknown
    15Killed by Lawn lights (while in shadow form)Density Manipulation
    15Shot to deathTurn anything into glass
    16Hit by trainTransform into Bat-like Creature
    16Blimp explosionTransform into Gargoyle-like Creature

    Supergirl, Volume 3

    IssueType of DeathNew Power Gained
    24ImpalementSuper Speed
    24Shot in headTransform into Stone Golem
    24Killed by SupergirlTurn anything into phantom form
    24Died in fight with the RiderEarly Warning Sense

    Resurrection Man, Volume 1

    IssueType of DeathNew Power Gained
    18Died in ComaUnknown
    1,000,000Resurrector DeviceIonic Rays
    1,000,000Impaled by SavageBio Molecular Flux
    1,000,000Bio-Mech VirusNone (died)
    19Unknown (in reality warp)Quantum Speed
    19Weapon Explosion (in reality warp)Telekinesis
    19Shot to death (in reality warp)Subzero Ice Power
    20Impaled by Bonehead (in reality warp)Psychic Shield
    20Killed by Angel of Death (in reality warp)Quantum Telekinesis
    22Explosion caused by DeWittUnknown
    22Dies 47 times by Lab experimentsGender Dimorphism, Pain dampening/cancelling
    24Shot in head by HoffmanMetallic Skin
    26Shot in back by SavageDense Crystal Form, Channel Light Energy

    DC Infinite Halloween Special

    IssueType of DeathNew Power Gained
    1Unknown (before story)Electricity Control
    1Impaled and eaten by Killer CrocOrganic Form, shapechanging

    Supergirl, Volume 5

    IssueType of DeathNew Power Gained
    28Shot to DeathUnknown
    29Blasted by LuzanoHealing Ray

    Resurrection Man, Volume 2

    IssueType of DeathNew Power Gained
    1Unknown (before start of issue)Electromagnetic Manipulation
    1Sucked into a plane turbine during a plane crash caused by SurielWater Mimicry
    2Electrocuted by Carmen LenoArmored Skin
    3Shot with armor piercing bullets by Bonny HoffmanSonic Scream
    4Shot by Suriel with an energy blastElectric Manipulation
    6Neck snapped by SumoSuper Strength
    6Shot in the head by Arkham guard FletcherPlasma Manipulation
    7Shot multiple times in the back by Mr. UntouchablePsychokinesis
    8Stabbed by The ButcherUnknown (did not live long enough)
    8Shot in the head by DeadshotElectromagnetism and Energy Absorption

    Suicide Squad, Volume 2

    IssueType of DeathNew Power Gained
    9Fell to death during a fight with DeadshotPoly Alloy/ Liquid Metal Body

    Resurrection Man, Volume 2

    IssueType of DeathNew Power Gained
    9Shot in the back by Amanda WallerShadow Manipulation
    11Fell to death during a fight with Carmen LenoOptic Blasts
    12Shot and fell to death by a Gotham P.D. helicopter (In Simulation)Telekinetic Explosive Blasts
    12Stabbed to death by Aquaman (In Simulation)Optically Generated Photon Blasts
    12Unknown (In Simulation)Lava Form

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