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Restin Dane is the grandson of Adam Dane the man who told his story about his adventures in the future to his friend H.G. Wells who turned his account in the book The Time Machine but at his insistence withholding his name out from the book.

Restin also builds a time machine, his being in the shape of a rook from a chess set.

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This first trip takes him to the Alamo where he saves his great great grandfather Bishop Dane knowing that taking him out of the time stream just before he would have died will prevent any paradoxes.

During his subsequent adventures he also gets in the habit of dressing in Western style and using a handgun from that time period.

During their further adventures, The Rook, as he comes to be called, Bishop and two robots that Restin constructs encounter Sherlock Holmes, Robar the Conqueror, H.G. Wells and his grandfather the Time Traveler, whom he helps in a final war between the Eloi and the Morlocks.


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Rook being a scientist and an adventurer, he was recruited into Danse Macabre. One day he was attacked and he bonded with chaos skin as the last resort. Now he has a powersuit-living entity named Slough, and they need each other to survive. He responds to his mental commands and can form any weapon he can think of. He can travel in space and between alternate realities.

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