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Popping out of the amazing Invincible Iron Man book, Pepper Potts puts on the Rescue Iron Man suit and travels the world looking for people to save in this one-shot issue.  

The Good

I love the current Invincible Iron Man book. It's my favorite Marvel book out right now, and getting to see Pepper Potts in her own book, at least for one issue, looked exciting to me; however, this is a throw-away story. There are a couple of good things in this issue though. The writing and art are pretty solid page-to-page, but when the book is looked at as a whole, it’s a different story. The idea of the Rescue suit, and Pepper piloting it is very cool. I really do love the character of Rescue, and there are small moments of what a great Rescue mini-series could look like within some of the pages of this book.

The Bad

This book is pretty bland, and excuse me for spoiling it, but the whole issue takes place in a gym as Pepper Potts tells the story of her saving people’s lives elsewhere to her dead husband. That’s it. There’s no startling revelation at the end, nothing. It’s filler, and I don’t know for what. I expected a little more out of this book since Pepper has really come into her own in the current run of Iron Man as a character, Tony's friend/lover, and as a super-hero, and I felt extremely let down by what happened within this book. 

The Verdict - 2/5

Again, the writing and art are solid, but the overall story is so boring and meaningless that it makes everything else suffer. Pepper Potts is a great character, and she deserves a good one-shot, but this isn’t it. However, if she starts seeing her dead husband in the Iron Man book… I’ll bump this up to three stars, but until then, pass this puppy up.    
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I think the one shot sounds to me ,from this review, it was stupid. So, I thought I was excited for this issue but, I guess now I  am just excited when she goes to invincible Iron Man issue 29. Because we will have more story about rescue in that series than  this one shot. 
But, I am still picking this one shot up and see if it was good or bad.

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Awww, and I was excited for this one-shot... Oh well...
Some are good some are bad!

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Looked stupid. I don't know why everybody is so suprised that it sucked.
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My girlfriend wanted to check it out so I'll probably look at when she gets it. I'm just surprised to see people taking reviews for the gospel. Form your own opinion people, even though more than half the time I agree with the reviews, haha.

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Isn't this written by Matt Fractions wife?

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I just keep thinking. Does she really need the literal "breast plate" for her armor?

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Bummer I was thinking of getting this.

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Iron Man with titties.
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I'd actually like to pick this up, just because Happy is kinda in it...
And OH! How I love Happy!

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Good thing I didn't pick this up.

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This review convinced me not to pick it up. But thanks. I almost picked this up and it would have been a great let down.

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