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Rescue: To Buy or Borrow?


   During the Siege event Pepper Potts sees the ghost of Happy Hogan as she tells how she tries to be in the heroes shoes

The Good:

   It would seem fit to see Happy Hogan (right after he had a larger role in Iron Man 2),. When Happy comes back as a ghost though it felt it worked out because it was really the "back bone"  of this one shot. And when Happy comes back we see Pepper drop her defense after the crap she's taking now.

The Bad:

   During the World's Most Wanted story arc I really liked how Pepper got her own suit (for like 5 issues) and was curious in what she can do. In this one-shot she is set up "Rescue" a building on fire. Sure she is not the one to fight but lack of action dropped this. Also it felt she didn't use all her power.

The Verdict: 3 out of 5

   Not a essential to a Iron Man fan but nice if you like Pepper. Best bet is to borrow.    

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