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Passengers of the Wind is a multi-part series telling the story of Isabeau de Marnaye, an eighteenth century aristocrat feminist rebelling against the established order.  In issue #1, "The Girl at the Poop", we find her fleeing France aboard a Warship on which she meets Hoel Marie Tragan a simple top man that she is compelled to save from a deadly punishment.  She soon seduces him and, during a fight with the English Navy, Hoel kills a vengeful Captain holding Isa at gunpoint and they both go overboard along with the ship's surgeon, Michel de Saint-Quentin to be later picked up by the Royal Navy.  

In issue #2, "The Pontoon", Hoel and Saint-Quentin are prisoners aboard a pontoon, a landed obsolete ship used as a prison.  Because of her education, Isa is hired as a French teacher for a rich merchant's daughter, Mary Hereford, whom she quickly befriends.  Mary is, unbeknownst to her father, with child from John Smolett, a lieutenant aboard the pontoon.  They soon plan an escape for Hoel and Saint-Quentin, along with John and Mary to France where Isa's and Saint-Quentin's relations would prove useful. The escape nearly fails and Mary gives birth in a cutter in the Channel.  They can't settle for long in France.  Isa's escape and Hoel's crime have put a price on their heads and the best they find is passage aboard a slave ship called the Marie-Caroline, bound for Africa, leaving Saint-Quentin to settle their affairs. 
Issue #3, "The Counter at Juda" sees our four friends witnessing the slave trade from up close.  Because of a wager in which he bet he would seduce Isa and Mary, Estienne de Viaroux, the accountant for the Saint-Louis Fort in Dahomey has Hoel poisoned to sleep.  Unfortunately, Voodoo poisons are not easy to control since the dose is lethal and only a daily administration of antidote keeps Hoel alive.  And the wager turns to nightmare for Viaroux as Isa obstinately refuses him.  Meanwhile, Mary and John's relationship goes sour as she can't help being seduced by the ship's very young Second Lieutenant. 
In issue #4, "The Hour of the Snake", the slave trading really begins.  Prisoners of rival tribes are sold to the white people by the King of Dahomey, intelligently creating competition between the French, the English and the Portuguese to increase the prices.  Hoel, still unconscious is left behind.  The trade is concluded but not before Isa impresses the King.  John, more jealous than ever has let the bottle lead him to a point where Mary doesn't want him anymore.  He and Viaroux die sword fighting for Mary's honour.  Fearing that Hoel's poisoning would be bad for trade, the King has the guilty sorcerer executed and Hoel cured.  The episode ends when the Marie-Caroline, packed with slaves, sets sails for the Caribbean. 
Issue #5, "The Ebony Wood" is set aboard the Marie-Caroline.  An accident leaves her without a Captain and the Second Officer, a brutal man, only exacerbates the sailors and passengers alike.  To add to the maelstrom, the slave mutiny and some more officers are killed while regaining control of the ship, leaving an inexperienced and injured fifteen year Second Lieutenant in charge. Repairs are made and the trip is concluded to Santo Domingo for Isa, Hoel and Mary.  But there is still a price on Hoel's head and he, against his heart, flees aboard a Pirate ship.   Mary, learning of her father's death, decides to return to England to manage the family estate.  Isa, only eighteen years old and her whole life in front of her, remains. 
Issue #6, "The Bois-Caïman Granddaughter" is divided in two books and is set eighty years later in 1862 and 63 in a Civil War torn Louisiana.  A young woman, named Zabo which we later learn is really named Isabeau meets her ninety eight years old namesake Great grandmother, the one from the first five issues.  Fleeing dispossession from the army she travels the bayous with a French reporter and photographer to this eccentric unknown woman she only knew from her deceased parents.  In a flashback approach, the older Isa picks up the story right after Hoel's flight.  Having befriended Claire de Magnan, a plantation owner, whom eventually hired her, Isa spent some nine years there until the French Revolution set a rebellious movement in the whole island.  Finally accepting a job from a French scientist, she leaves for the continent after being raped and left for dead by rebelling Negroes.  She later joins Louis Murrait, her new employer who notices her pregnancy and convinces her not to abort. The book ends with Isa telling Zabo that she gave birth one month early. 
Book Two was published in January of 2010.  


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