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    Reptyl is a notorious space pirate who harbors a special hatred for any non-reptilian being.

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    Reptyl is a pirate whose species comes from the Coalsack Nebula. Reptyl hates all humanoids. He carries various weapons and is very resourceful. He has a type of laser sword that can redirect energy. He became an ally of the Skrulls during the Second Kree-Skrull War. He showed his ruthlessness by trading his crew for the Empress S'byll to the Stranger. He forged an alliance against the humanoids. He taught S'byll the emotionless ways of the reptile and she become close to him. This enraged the Super Skrull who attacked Reptyl, but Reptyl ripped out his throat. When engaging in battle with the Kree, Reptyl was betrayed by Clumsy Foulup and apparently killed. The entire Skrull fleet was destroyed. But he was not dead yet. He was then killed by a resurrected Super Skrull and his body floating through space.

    During the Infinity Gauntlet, Reptyl's body was reanimated while floating in space and he became more monstrous with large wings. Reptyl's genes contained the key to his race's next evolutionary step. His transformation not only changed his appearance but gave him incredible power and energy abilities. With his new power, he waited for the Silver Surfer at the shrine Thanos had created for Death, knowing the Surfer would return. He engaged the Surfer in battle with his new powers and was formidable, but was still not enough to defeat the Power Cosmic. He managed to escape, most likely to return to his people and propagate a super-reptilian race to wage war on all humanoids.

    It is also worth noting that Reptyl had dismantled the Contemplator's physical body. But, failed to completely destroying him (as he is an immortal member of the Elders of the Universe). This left Contemplator, now preferring an astral form, seeking revenge.


    Reptyl is created by Steve Englehart, Joe Staton and Joe Rubinstein. The character first appears in Silver Surfer #11.

    Major Story Arcs

    God of Pirates

    Reptyl is back to his prate ways, heading up his own ship filled with saurian crew, including female pirate Raptra. He treats his crew roughly, and threatens death upon any who question his decisions. Time has not been kind to Reptyl, as he appears to need the use of technological implants to see, and appears less than in prime fitness. Reptyl and Raptra verbally spar, Raptra not as intimidated by Reptyl as the majority of his crew. A clone of the mad titan Thanos attacks Reptyl's ship, killing many but making a offer to its captain and Raptra and a third crew member Kid Syn. Kid Syn was quick to reject the offer, as was Raptra, pointing out that pirates value freedom, not power at the cost of subservience. Reptyl has other plans and asks Thanosi how much power will he get in return of aiding the mad titan. Thanosi replies that he will make Reptyl a god. Reptyl is conflicted, despite despising non saurian species, such as Thanos kind, he also craves the power that will distinguish him as a true power. he accepts Thanos offer to serve as a part of his pantheon, being granted new power and to track and hunt down the Celestial Messiah Quoi. Thanosi sacrifices Kid Syn in order to power up Reptyl, as he explains he can't create energy out of nothing. Reptyl surges with power and his muscle and mass grows, as he dubs himself the god of pirates.

    Celestial Quest

    Now acting under Thanosi's command, Reptyl is sent to board a Plasmagen ship. Its inhabitants are creatures composed of a fiery substance, and its captain Primo engages Reptyl in a direct physical confrontation but is easily overpowered thanks to Reptyl's new upgrades. Primo is carried by Reptyl back to the Thanosi, where he is given an offer by the mad titan clone. Primo accepts and he experiences a similar power infusion as Reptyl, growing in power and size. He shall be known as the god of fire. The two new gods are sent by Thanos to locate Quoi who has actually now been kidnapped by Raptra. The two eventually find the supposed Celestial Messiah Quoi, with Primo falling victim to Quoi's power, but Reptyl manages to run down and knock Quoi down. Thanosi appears and apprehends Raptra. It is a short lived victory, as the Avengers Silverclaw, Thor, Scarlet Witch and Haywire descend onto Thanosi's ship and attempt to free their comrades Vision and Mantis as well as Quoi and Raptra. All the attention from both parties is redirected when the massive cosmic entity the Rot makes its presence felt threatening to kill all of the gathered heroes and villains. Their united power is enough to stop the Rot, and a truce of sorts is arranged however with Reptyl threatening his fellow saurian Raptra for engaging in a romantic relationship with a non saurian in Quoi.

    Powers and Abilities

    Superhumanly strong, durable and fierce, Reptyl is a force to be reckoned with, and has even been proven to be resistent, or even possibly immune to such powers as Eros pleasure manipulation. Reptyl possesses a super thick reptilian hide, super durable, with regenerative abilities. Reptyl has had his powers increased in several ways over time, but originally he had the superhuman strength to the extent to allow him to lift upwards of ten tons. As Reptyl Prime however his strength was increased to a level that allowed him to easily lift upwards of 100 tons. In this state he is much larger and durable as well. His stamina, reflexes, elemental resistance and resilience are likewise increased greatly in his Prime state. Reptyl Prime also possessing potent energy projection powers. Reptyl had been depowered later on, but experienced a power upgrade by a Thanos clone, one of the Thanosi. Reptyl's power was greatly enhanced, he grew more muscular and strength was again increased to allow him to lift well over 100 tons, as well as durability increased. Reptyl's new levels of power allowed him to actually kill Eternals.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 6'8"

    Weight: 990 lbs

    Hair: None

    Eyes: Yellow

    Physical Characteristics (Reptyl Prime)

    Height: 15'6"

    Weight: 2 tons

    Hair: None

    Eyes: Yellow

    Other Media

    Video Games

    • Reptyl is featured as a boss in the NES video game Silver Surfer.

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