Character » Replica appears in 32 issues.

    A young Skrull from the Earth-691 universe and member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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    During the 31st Century, the Skrull race, decimated and hated, went into hiding. At a young age, Replica became a member of the Human Resistance on the planet Haven. She posed as a human and helped the resistance in their battle with the mutants. When the Guardians of the Galaxy arrived, she assisted them and joined with them to defeat Rancor and her mutant lieutenants. Haven was destroyed in the process.Instead of going with the others to Main Frame's home planet, she stowed away on the Captain America II. Enjoying the adventure, she asked to join the Guardians. During a battle with Force, she revealed to her teammates that she was a Skrull. She could not contain her hatred of Eightyfive, a Kree. The Guardians were able to get her to keep her cool.

    She soon unleashed another surprise on the Guardians - she was a believer in the Universal Church of Truth - enemies to the team. She could not betray her faith and would not speak up for them when they were captured by the Church to be converted. She did eventually come around and help them escape, much to her personal dismay in disobeying her god.

    The future leader and one true god of the Church, Protege, became fond of her and she stayed with him to keep him company to spare the Guardians. But, she would still lean more toward her membership with the Guardians than her membership with the church. She even impersonated Protege and called off the search for Starhawk.

    Of course, Malevolence was all too happy to tell their master what had happened. Saddened over her betrayal, she went to her quarters only to see her Guardians shield beacon go off. She stole a ship and left Protege behind, much to his sadness. She followed the beacon to Main Frame's world where Martinex had gethered many heroes to help him save Main Frame from a computer virus. The team would go on to be the Galactic Guardians.


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