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Run by a headless ghost, Rent-a-Ghost Ltd. provides a wide variety of spooks for hire, usually by clients who want someone scared. However, their services frequently backfire on those who hire them.


Rent-a-Ghost Ltd. was created by Reg Parlett and first appeared in Buster's 4th January 1969 issue. They enjoyed a decade long run there, before shuffling back off this mortal coil with their final installment on 16th June 1979.


Rent-a-Ghost Ltd's success prompted other comics to produce similarly themed strips, such as Cor!!'s Hire a Horror (also drawn by Reg Parlett). However, despite the virtually identical names, there is no confirmed connection between Rent-a-Ghost Ltd. and the BBC's television series Rentaghost, which debuted during the latter part of the Buster strip's run.

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