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    Character » Reno Jones appears in 14 issues.

    A western hero and former part of the dynamic due known as the Gunhawks. He later became the Phantom Rider for some time

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    Reno Jones is an Afro-American whom lived on a plantation during the days of the Wild West. While he and his family worked on a plantation in the Southern states of America, they where no slaves. He grew up with the plantation-owner's son, Richard "Kid" Cassidy as if they where brothers. When the Civil War broke out, both Kid Cassidy and Reno stood with the Confederate States (which was remarcable since the South was pro-slavery). This was because Reno had only known how good his employee had treated him and his family; as if he was the plantation owner's own son. When the Civil War started, Kid Cassidy went to join the Confederate forces, but Reno remained at the plantation to help out. When the Union Armed forces eventually came to the plantation, they killed almost every one, except for Reno. His love-interest, Rachel Brown, was kiddnapped by the Union forces. Bitter and filled with hatred, Reno joined up with the Confederate forces and fought against the Western Americans as best he could, hoping to find Rachel. Eventually, after the war, Reno returned to the abondonned plantation where he soon found his childhood friend Kid Cassidy as well. They planned to rescue Rachel and formed a team known as the Gunhawks.


    Reno Jones was created by Gary Friedrich and Syd Shores and first appeared in The Gunhawks issue 1 (1972).

    Major Story Arcs

    The Gunhawks

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    Reno Jones and Kid Cassidy journed together for a number of months, but eventually their friendship began to sour over Rachel. The two tried to track her down, but eventually an argument arose between the two when they where in a small Wester tent camp. Reno drew his guns on Kid Cassidy and told him to do the same thing. Kid Cassidy did not believe his friend would should him and therefore did nothing. Never meaning to actually shoot Cassidy, Reno shot his gun far away from where Cassidy stood, but seemingly the bullet did hit Cassidy. Unbeknown to both of them, there had been a native-American a few meters away from the camp whom had actually shot Kid Cassidy at the same time that Reno shot his bullet. Reno was filled with disbelief and remorse, believing his friend had died by his hand. After seemingly burrying his old friend, Reno fled the scene and went solo by the name of The Gunhawk and had a few adventures in the West before seemingly retiering.

    Blaze of Glory

    Many years later, it was revealed that Reno's former friend Cassidy had survived and had joined the Nightriders, a group of racesist murderers. Reno himself had also taken on a new identitie since he became the new Phantom Rider. He teamed with other western heroes to save a town of Wonderment in Montana. This town consisted of former slaves and indian refugees.

    Reno told his son that the old Gunhawk stories were dime-store novels with some truth to them.


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