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    Renji Abarai is the lieutenant for the sixth division's captain, Byakuya Kuchiki. Renji is also close with Rukia Kuchiki. Renji is very brash and tends to annoy and be annoyed by Ichigo Kurosaki. His zanpakuto is called Zabimaru.

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    General Information

    • Birthday: August 31
    • Height: 6'2" (188cm)
    • Weight: 78 Kg
    • Eyes: Brow
    • Hair: Red

    Renji Abarai is the 6th Division lieutenant of the Soul Reaper's army. Renji is close friends with Rukia Kuchiki, rivals with Ichigo and Byakuya.

    Like most Soul Reapers officers Renji is very dedicated to the Soul Society's beliefs and upholds them when they are threatened.


    Renji is a tall man with long red hair kept up in a pony tail. Besides the typical Soul Reaper uniform Renji tends to either wear a visor or a bandanna over his forehead.

    He usually keeps his hair pulled back since it is long and could easily impair his ability to see in a fight.

    Where most people have eyebrows Renji has tattoos, which also spread across most of his upper body.

    When Renji is in the human world he stays in a gigai that resembles his real appearance unless he needs to fight.


    Renji is a cocky, hot headed and headstrong individual, but he has moments where he able to calm himself and apply logic in his decisions. Renji is fiercely loyal to his friends and will go to any lengths to protect them, including fighting, killing and dying for them. He is shown to be a very determined character, and he does not give up at something when he sets his mind to it. Renji is fond of sunglasses and usually wears them when he is off duty. He buys the sunglasses from a popular store in Soul Society and spends half of his annual paycheck on them.


    Based on Renji and Rukia's oldest revealed memories they were both originally from the Soul Society's 78th district.

    Renji grew up as an orphan in Rukongai and lived with Rukia and several friends on the streets, though he could have joined the Soul Reapers while he was young because of his natural spirit powers.

    Renji didn't abandon his friends to join the Soul Reapers, but waited until they had each passed away instead.

    In the Soul Reaper Academy Renji showed great talent as a swordsmen, though lacked control when it came to Kido. He soon joined the elite class alongside Izuru Kira and Momo Hinamori

    While on a training exercise Renji and several of his peers, including Izuru Kira, and Momo Hinamori, manage to save several of the other cadets from a real Hollow that attacks the class.

    After graduating the Academy Sosuke Aizen made the three of them members of the 5th Division.

    When Aizen realised Renji had a predisposition towards rebellion and using him could be detrimental too Aizen's plans he moved Renji to the 11th Division.

    While in the combat division Renji fought alongside Ikkaku Madarame, he quickly realised Ikkaku had already achieved Bankai and convinced Ikkaku to make him his student.

    Ikkaku taught all that he knew about fighting to Renji, helping Renji to climb up the ranks until he was transferred again.

    This time Renji was brought into the 6th Division where he served under Byakuya Kuchiki, whom he eventually became lieutenant for.

    Soul Society Story Arc

    After the Soul Reapers noticed that a Menos Grande, one of the most powerful forms for a Hollow, was stopped not by a Soul Reaper, but rather a Human Quincy and a Human Spirit a two man team was sent to find the Soul Reaper responsible for human's Soul Reapper's powers.

    Information is passed on to the 6th Division captain and lieutenant, Byakuya and Renji, that the cause of all the trouble was in fact Rukia and Ichigo. Renji and Byakuya eventually catch up with Rukia and attempt to bring her back, but are slowed down by Uryu's interference.

    The fight is short, not even shown in the manga but rather implied to only lasts as long as it takes Ichigo to find them. Renji attacks Ichigo and even reveals that he can perform his initial release while Ichigo can't use his full Soul Reaper's powers. Despite giving Ichigo several injuries and taunting him for his inabilities, Ichigo manages to gain the upperhand on Renji after drawing upon more of his hidden power. Renji is saved at the last second as Byakuya steps in and stops Ichigo. After the fight with Ichigo Renji opens the door to the Soul Society and Rukia, Byakuya, and himself return to the other side. Once back in the Soul Society Renji visits Rukia regularly, bringing her news as to what her punishment is going to be for illegally transferring power to a human. When Ichigo, Chad, Uryu, and Orihime invade the Soul Society Renji prepares himself for a rematch with Ichigo. Unlike their first fight Renji is overtaken by Ichigo quickly this time, forcing him to finally accept that he needs to push himself to a new level. Before allowing Ichigo to leave, though, Renji makes Ichigo promise to save Rukia. After the fight Byakuya scolds Renji for going alone to face Ichigo and leaves him in prison to heal. While recovering from the battle Renji is confronted by his Zanpakuto's spirit, Zabimaru. Renji promises Zabimaru he will become stronger and will help to save Rukia. Renji breaks himself out of prison and hunts down Ichigo so that he can aid him to reach his Bankai. Renji finds Ichigo in another of Kisuke Urahara's underground caverns and that he is already trying to learn his Bankai. Renji explains that his Bankai training is already quite advanced and goes off in the cavern to finish his training on his own. After a few days of training Renji leaves the cavern shortly before Ichigo to find and free Rukia. Before he can get to the execution stand Renji is met by Byakuya, who refuses to allow him to pass without first defeating him. Renji attacks Byakuya using his initial release first and then reveals his Zanpakuto's Bankai form. Renji fights his hardest, but still falls short of Byakuya and his Bankai. Renji survives the battle though, and even manages to make Byakuya go to one knee before he loses. Renji is saved by a member of the Soul Reapers medical division and his wounds are healed before he sets out to save Rukia again. By the time Renji arrives at the execution block Ichigo has already saved Rukia from her demise. After seeing Ichigo save Rukia Renji is taken off guard by Ichigo's throwing Rukia at him like a fast ball. Despite his injuries Renji manages to catch Rukia and makes a run with Rukia before he is stopped by Kaname Tosen. After having run all the way to the base of the execution plateau Renji and Rukia find themselves back at the execution scaffolding. Renji then finds out that Aizen has been manipulating all of the decisions in Rukia's trial to obtain the Orb of Distortion that had been placed in her by Urahara when Rukia received a gigai from him. Renji, Ichigo and Byakuya try to protect Rukia from Aizen and Gin before they escape with the orb into Huenco Mondo, the world the Hollows hide in when not in the human world or the Soul Society.

    Arrancar Story Arc

    During the Arrancar storyline Ichigo receives help from Rukia, Renji, and several other Soul Reapers arrive to assist in the battles. Renji eventually goes into battle with Ilforte Grantz, a weaker Arrancar in comparison to others like Grimmjow. While Renji is fighting he can't use his full power in the human world because he is held at about a quarter of his true power. After using even his Bankai release things look rather grim for Renji, until he gets some help from Ururu Tsumugiya ( Kisuke Urahara's mousy assistant girl.) Renji finally has his power suppression removed and fights back at full power and even manages to kill Ilforte.

    After the battle against Grimmjow's Arrancar Urahara pursuades Renji to take Chad on as his student, as sparring against him in Bankai form would allow both of them to greatly increase their power. Having expanded their energy training however, neither Chad nor Renji were able to join the battle against the Arrancar when next they attacked Karakura Town.

    After Orihime is kidnapped by the Espada the Head Captain orders the soldiers stationed in Karakura Town to all withdraw to the Seireitei, captains Zaraki and Kuchiki were dispatched to take them by force should they refuse orders. We later learn however that Kuchiki allowed Rukia and Renji to go to Orihime's rescue after returning to Soul Society. They join up with Ichigo's group in Hueco Mundo.


    Renji's zanpakuto is called Zabimaru. It's initial release changes it from a regular katana. to a sword that has several section sections that are connected by several coils connecting them.


    Zabimaru's first release.
    Zabimaru's first release.

    Zabimaru in it's initial release form can be used as a whip or as a sword.

    While being used like a whip Zabimaru has an almost limitless reach, and is very flexible.

    When Renji is in dire trouble he has a third use for Zabimaru where he makes the Zanpakuto explode into independent segments that all attack at the same time from multiple directions.

    This is an attack that Renji hates to use unless he absolutely has to resort to using as it hurts Zabimaru and leaves Renji wide open for attacks.


    In Zambimaru's Bankai, the zanpakuto turns into a snake- like skeleton that is connected by spiritual energy that Renji feeds to Zambimaru.

    Zabimaru's Bankai form.
    Zabimaru's Bankai form.

    While attacking in his Bankai form Zabimaru has the ability to stretch over long distances and behaves like a snake.

    If anyone one section of Zabimaru is damaged during a fight Renji can make it drop out of the formation and reconstruct the rest of Zabimaru with his spirit power.

    Zabimaru also has the option of sending a high powered spirit energy blast out of it's mouth when Renji fully masters his zanpakuto.

    Zabimaru's true form is a baboon with a snake for a tail.

    The baboon form is usually the one that responds, but the snake tends to be the one who is aggressive.

    Powers and Abilities

    Renji has since the start of story reached the level of a captain in combat prowess.

    • Master Swordsmanship
    • High Spiritual Power
    • Shunpo Expert
    • Kido Practitioner
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Enhanced Speed
    • Enhanced Durability

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