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    The Renegades are a group of four elemental demons.

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    Team History

    Hundreds of years ago before Europeans came to the America's Shamans had powers very similar to the superheroes of today.  Four of these shamans got together to call upon the four elemental demons.  The demons took over the Shamans and sought to rule the world.  They were stopped and imprisoned by the Shamans of their day but at a tremendous cost.  That was the loss of the heroes of their day.  This made the native Americans of that time susceptible to the European expansion.
    A few hundred years later the Confederate States of America planned to use these Renegades as a final solution to the American Civil War.  This obviously didn't happen but they were still wanted by the Arcadians 150 years later.  The Arcadians blackmailed the Freedom Fighters to unwittingly release the Renegades.  The were quickly stopped but at the cost of  innocent civilians and the leader of the Freedom Fighters Uncle Sam himself.

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