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Renee is Chas Chandler's wife. She is seen ragging on Chas for things that usually lead back to John Constantine, Chas' best friend, as she has a strong dislike of John. She is the mother of Geraldine Chandler.

Renee has left Chas before, after he was possessed by Nergal. Chas was gone for a while, and during that time had been possessed by Nergal, leaving bits of Nergal inside him. So when Chas got home he beat Renee. So she left him.

Things came to a head during the series 'Chas: The Knowledge'. However, after Chas made sure to rescue 'Our Nicky' from a various series of problems, Renee and Chas sat down and talked things through like mature adults.

Other Media


A version of Renee appeared in episode 10 "Quid Pro Quo" of the NBC drama Constantine, based loosely on the story from Hellblazer: All His Engines. She is portrayed as younger and more attractive than her comic counterpart, although she retains her hatred for John Constantine.

She had been mentioned by Chas previously in the 6th episode "Rage of Caliban".


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