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    Born in France and grew up in Argentina, Rene Goscinny is best know for creating Asterix and Lucky Luke.

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    Goscinny, René (1926-1977)

    one of the most creative comic writers ever. Known for many famous comic characters (Asterix, Isnogud among others), Goscinny wrote the lyrics for Lucky Luke 4 years before the first release of Asterix. The title was "Railways on the Prairie" and became an immediate success. The collaboration with Morris resulted in 37 adventures of the Western hero and continued uninterrupted until his death.

    Séries principalesdeàRôle
    (Recueil) Lucky Luke (Album du Journal)19741975
    (Recueil) Pilote (Super Pocket)19681969
    Archives Goscinny (Les)19982000
    Asterix (Mini-livres - Les 12 travaux d'Astérix)1976
    Astérix (Au pays d')1985
    Astérix (Autres)19852021
    Astérix (Collection Atlas - Les archives)20142015
    Astérix (Elf)1973
    Astérix (France Loisirs)19922015
    Astérix (Hachette - La collection officielle)20202021
    Astérix (Hachette)20022014
    Astérix (Hors Série)19762020
    Astérix (L'intégrale - France Loisirs 2010)20092011
    Astérix (La grande collection)20062007
    Astérix (livres-jeux)19762021
    Astérix (Mini-Livres)19771978
    Astérix (Pop-Hop)19711974
    Astérix (Presse)2013
    Astérix (Publicitaire)19702003
    Astérix (Rouge et Or)19831984
    Astérix et ses amis19831984
    Benjamin et Benjamine19912012
    Dingodossiers (Les)19671995
    Divagations de Mr Sait-tout (Les)1974
    Histoires vraies de l'Oncle Paul (Les)1953
    Iznogoud - La Collection (Hachette)2019
    Jehan Pistolet19892002
    Jerry Spring1958
    Luc Junior19902011
    Lucky Luke1982
    Lucky Luke (16/22)19781980
    Lucky Luke (Albums triples France Loisirs)2012
    Lucky Luke (en breton)19762015
    Lucky Luke (Intégrale Dupuis/Dargaud)1983
    Lucky Luke (Pub et Pastiches)19722012
    Lucky Luke (Publicité Tonimalt)1969
    Modeste et Pompon (Franquin)19731981
    Modeste et Pompon (Intégrale Himalaya)19881990
    Monsieur Tric (BD Must)2012
    Mouminet et Alphonse1984
    Oumpah-Pah -2- (Bédé Chouette)19861988
    Oumpah-Pah -3- (Albert René)2018
    Petit Nicolas (Le)19602020
    Petit Nicolas (Le) (en latin)2012
    Potachologie (La)19631965
    Rire contre le racisme2006
    Tromblon et Bottaclou1976
    Vacheries de Corinne à Jeannot (Les)19791980
    Valentin le vagabond1975
    Albi sprint1970
    Asterix de Galliër19681999
    Asterix omnibus (The great)1990
    Astérix (A Colecção)2009
    Astérix (Coleção Integral - Salvat)20192021
    Astérix (en allemand)19702020
    Astérix (en anglais)19662009
    Astérix (en espagnol)19801992
    Astérix (en italien)2003
    Astérix (en langues régionales)19782020
    Astérix (en langues étrangères)19882020
    Astérix (en latin)19732015
    Astérix (en portugais)19672009
    Astérix (hors série) (en anglais)20072008
    Astérix (hors série) (en portugais)19852020
    Astérix (Rouge et Or) (en portugais)19851986
    Broncas do Nicolau (As) (Le Petit Nicolas en portugais)1970
    Classici del fumetto di Repubblica (I)1975
    Iznogoud (en anglais)20082013
    Iznogoud (en italien)20112016
    Iznogoud (en portugais)1980
    Iznogud (en espagnol)19902016
    João Pistolão (Jehan Pistolet en portugais)20052007
    Lucky Luke (16/22) (en portugais)19791980
    Lucky Luke (en allemand)19792014
    Lucky Luke (en anglais)19812021
    Lucky Luke (en espagnol - éditeurs divers)1978
    Lucky Luke (en italien)19981999
    Lucky Luke (en langues étrangères)19712015
    Lucky Luke (en portugais - divers éditeurs)19681990
    Lucky Luke (en portugais - Público/ASA)2006
    Lucky Luke (Público/ASA, 2e série)2013
    Lucky Luke - Coleccionable Lucky Luke2006
    Lucky Luke Classics (en espagnol - Ediciones Kraken)2013
    Modesto e Pompom2005
    Modesto y Pompón2016
    Spaghetti (en portugais)19691984

    Born on August 14, 1926 in Paris, René Goscinny spent his childhood in Argentina, between Buenos Aires and La Pampa. After a promising start as an assistant accountant to an accountant in a factory for the recovery of old tires, he entered an advertising agency as an apprentice designer. At 19, he left to conquer America and, more precisely, the Walt Disney studios. Very quickly promoted to unemployment, he never met Walt Disney but stumbled across the band of the future ''Mad'' - Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Davis, Will Elder - and felt much less alone: ​​Anglo-Saxon humor coincided perfectly with his own way of looking at things. He met Morris in New York, Charlier in Brussels and Uderzo in Paris, at the World Press, a small Belgian agency where he ran the Paris office created in 51. The authors of the time being paid with a slingshot, Stakhanovism s imposes: Goscinny, who understood that his talent blossomed more effectively in the script than in the drawing, began work on a host of comic strips (among which Oumpah-pah, Spaghetti and Luc Junior). He types miles of articles and news (for ''Pariscope'' and ''L'Os à moëlle'', among others) and writes the life skills section of ''Bonnes Soirées'' under the pseudonym of Liliane d'Orsay... In 55, he took up the script for Lucky Luke and, in 56, created Le Petit Nicolas with Sempé. It was also in 1956 that an irreversible crash occurred with the World Press: Goscinny, Charlier and Uderzo, eager to promote this profession which was not one, wrote a very sulphurous Charter of Designers, which earned them to meet on the pavement overnight - and blacklisted by all publishers. They stumble upon a certain Jean Hébrard, who has just inherited a huge café on the Place de la Bourse and provides them with the funds necessary for the creation of Edifranche, a small press company. Pilote was born on 29 October 1959 under the joint sponsorship of Edifrance and Radio-Luxembourg. Goscinny shared the chief editorship with Charlier and signed the first episode of the adventures of Asterix with Uderzo. In 62, he created Iznogoud with Tabary. In 65, he invites Gotlib to collaborate with the Dingodossiers. After May 68, he installed the unforgettable news pages in Pilote, and hosted on Europe 1 ''Le Feu de camp du dimanche matin'', with Gébé, Fred and Gotlib. Meanwhile, without the slightest promotion, by word of mouth, the little Gaul experienced an irresistible rise: in 65, the first French satellite was baptized Asterix and, a few years later, the albums were translated into 28 countries, without counting Esperento and Latin, which are not countries, but languages... While the Asterix boom shook comics, making it pass from the status of childhood disease to that of respectable art, Goscinny, who has no equal in recognizing and cultivating talent, makes Pilote a creative laboratory where new comics flourish, with Gotlib, Reiser, Cabu, Bretécher, Mandryka, Druillet, Tardi, Giraud, Mézières, F'Murr, Fred, Bilal, etc. In 1972, after the departure of the Gotlib-Bretécher-Mandryka trio for L'Echo des Savanes, he offered the editor-in-chief of the newspaper to Guy Vidal. In 74, he created Studios Idefix with Uderzo and Georges Dargaud, which gave birth to the Twelve Works of Asterix in 76, while the 23rd album of Asterix was released, with a print run of 1,300,000 copies. Goscinny had a host of projects: publishing, television (despite its ''bankrupt post office atmosphere'') and above all, cinema. Screenwriter of the irresistible Viager, produced in 71 by Pierre Tchernia, he was enthusiastic about this other way of making people laugh, since it was his vocation. But the story ends on November 5, 77, while the Idefix studios team is working on The Ballad of the Daltons, perpetuating its oldest dream: after all, he had gone to America to conquer the Walt Disney studios... Text and photo © Dargaud


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